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Protista was an unusual creature that nobody ever figured out. He was a troll of the highest caliber and was a figure of fear among the denizens of The Chaos Theatre due to his status as an admin. He was known for:

  • Changing his post count to exceed 2 billion.
  • Giving himself roughly 75+ stars.
  • Getting banned for trolling.
  • Spouting out pointless nonsense.
  • Changing his name to DWOMUWOMBWOMSWOMTWOMEWOMP, which Camelslayer sadly learned how to spell and pronounce.
  • Becoming associated simply as "The Troll Admin".
  • Simply being a Time Wizard.
  • Apparently holding the keys to Botlantis; it is presumed that he is its gatekeeper.
  • Breaking the Laws of Internet Physics. Twice.
  • Changing his name to Space Olympics World Champion and increasing his star rating to 12 (and using smiling tennis balls as his stars).
  • A list of other things.

After breaking the rules several times, Protista left the forums with no signal that he would come back.

The Creature's True IdentityEdit

According to a lost thread on V1, Protista is actually a friend of Krazier in real life. In fact, according to The Autarch of Flame himself he is just as much of a troll in real life as he is on the forum.


  • "Probably the only person I respect on the forum" - Souta
  • "I thought, that his username was a poorly spelled attempt to spell Prostitute at first..." - Arulpragasam
  • "I remember him once saying he was going to nuke Mr. Manhattan's penis. Or maybe I'm just going insane." - A Giant Sqirrel.