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Protista is an unusual creature that none have figured out. He is a troll of the highest caliber and is a figure of fear among the denizens of The Chaos Theatre due to his status as an admin. He is known for:

  • Changing his post count to exceed 2 billion
  • Giving himself roughly 75+ stars
  • Getting banned for trolling
  • Spouting out pointless nonsense
  • Changing his name to DWOMUWOMBWOMSWOMTWOMEWOMP, which Camelslayer sadly learned how to spell and pronounce
  • Becoming associated simply as "The Troll Admin"
  • A list of other things.
  • For simply being a Time Wizard
  • Apparently holds the keys to Botlantis; it is presumed that he is its gatekeeper.
  • Breaking the Laws of Internet Physics. Twice.
  • Changing his name to Space Olympics World Champion and increasing his star rating to 12 (and using smiling tennis balls as his stars).

After several instances of rule breaking Protista has left the forum with no signal that he is coming back.

The Creature's True IdentityEdit

According to a lost thread on V1, Protista is actually a friend of Krazier in real life. In fact, according to The Autarch of Flame himself he is just as much of a troll in real life as he is on the forum.


  • "Probably the only person I respect on the forum" - Souta
  • "I thought, that his username was a poorly spelled attempt to spell Prostitute at first..." - Arulpragasam
  • "I remember him once saying he was going to nuke Mr. Manhattan's penis. Or maybe I'm just going insane." - A Giant Sqirrel.

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