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Psychotic Nekomata is a cutie. But don't let that knock your guard off, the admin didn't raise himself to power over nothing. Or maybe he did, considering Krazier's randomness, but stories abound state that Psychotic Nekomata actually slaughtered his way up to the top, leaving behind him the corpses of thousands of bigots and people he just all around hated. There are also rumors that Psychotic Nekomata is actually the former tyrant, Felix Falora, who is rumored to have been rulers of forums that have died under his watch far before he came to the Chaos Theater. These rumors have later been confirmed.


Awesome Video Game Music 229 Gothic Neclord-004:16

Awesome Video Game Music 229 Gothic Neclord-0

Psychotic Nekomata's Battle Theme

Psychotic Nekomata, or Neko for short, was born in '92. Raised in Louisiana, his younger years were harsh as he was dominated by his emotions. Neko suffers from the common form of autism known as Aspergers Syndrome. He refuses to use it as justification for his natural douchebaggery, however, but it is stated by his parents that before his high school years, it is possible that this is the cause for him being a practical hellspawn. Once he hit his High School years, however, he began to mellow out. Instead of being led by others, he began to develop his own personality. It was then he realized just how much he didn't fit in with anyone, but instead of becoming emotional about it, he took it in stride and decided he'd do his own thing.

Neko can be rather stupid, even today. One of his worst incidents was in Middle School, when he was led to believe a guy could, and should, have more then one girlfriend. This led to him having seven girlfriends at once, and while he was one of the coolest guys for a while, they eventually found out. His body has never been the same sense, teaching him the hard way that a girl's heart is easily broken and reminding him of Shakespeare's phrase that "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." After that, he actually had the gall to break up with one of his girlfriends that he felt things would go nowhere with for another girl, only for her to break up with him as she made the self-discovery she was a lesbian. There was an attempt to get back together with that ex, but then she declared that he was like a brother to her. Not believing in the friend zone, Neko is still friends with her to this day... but fucking OUCH!

Finally deciding to identify fully as pansexual after his adventures on the mythical website of Tumblr and learning about the wonders of privilege, which he has now come to despise the argument of more then Boku no Pico, Neko just figures he'll date whoever the fuck he wants whatever they are as long as they are likable in his eyes. After reviewing the webcomic of Homestuck, he is now a fan of it, much to the despair of most of the Theater, yet still remains a fair Brony thanks to Joshscorcher and The Coffee Man, both of whom keep him in check. He also has aspirations to join the United States Navy, but needs the drive to get off his fat ass and get into shape. He plans on fixing this... eventually... he needs someone to scream at him, perhaps.

Fallen NekomataEdit

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 OST Hidden Leaf Village Destroyed Soundtrack-003:16

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 OST Hidden Leaf Village Destroyed Soundtrack-0

Fallen Nekomata's Battle Theme

Upon a thread now deleted, Virtualboy's Top 15 Overrated Video Game Tracks, Neko reacted on instinct and committed a heinous sin. Under the belief that what he was doing would be taken as a joke, he responded to Virtualboy's #1 pick, Demise of the Ritual, with the words "go kill yourself" as the forefront to his criticism. Instead of being taken as a joke, however, the thread was immediately deleted. Other users were also appalled, most notably one Itionobo. The final stake in the coffin was when The Autarch of Flame brought up knowledge of Virtualboy's past to Neko. Even though Neko regrets it, he was punished with a temporary demotion to Super Mod, earning him the new title of Fallen Nekomata.

Fallen Nekomata is about the same as Psychotic Nekomata, except he is less powerful. He is also more remorseful, as if he has truly lost his way. Yet he is still vengeful and sometimes even more so. Just because he is no longer an admin does not mean that Neko has been rendered powerless, after all, and if someone was to threaten the sanctity of the board, he would still strike fiercely.

Neko has gone through his trials and tribulations, however, and is no longer Fallen Nekomata, having ascended back into the administration hierarchy and becoming Psychotic Nekomata once more.

Felix FaloraEdit

Star Ocean The Second Story Soundtrack - Disc 2 - 29 Integral Body and Imperfect Soul03:19

Star Ocean The Second Story Soundtrack - Disc 2 - 29 Integral Body and Imperfect Soul

Felix Falora's Battle Theme

With the final update of Forum Fantasy: Prelich's Journey to Manhood, Nekomata has since regained his marbles and has ascended into power beyond mortal dreams, now becoming the Lord of Nightmares and Fear, Felix Falora. As an in-game construct, Felix Falora is supposedly the strongest boss in the game, though some feel that Chaotic Camelslayer is stronger then him. On the board, however... this doesn't change much. He's still just an admin, albeit with a new badass glowing user title, and is the same as ever.

In Forum FantasyEdit

Psychotic Nekomata
Location Psychotic's Tower
HP 12,500
Weakness Thread Necromancy (lolwut), Elemental
  • Attack
  • Bitch Slap
  • Rock Shock
  • Necro Psychosis
  • Ban Threat
  • Blade of Psychosis (100%) - A blade that eminates pure insanity.
  • Admin Power of Psychotic Nekomata (100%) - Used to enter the Fiery Deserts
Psychotic Nekomata
Location Chaos Ruins
HP 30,000
Weakness Troll, Elemental
  • Attack
  • Bitch Slap
  • Rock Shock
  • Necro Psychosis
  • Ban Threat
  • Ban Happy
  • Necro Degredation
  • Apocalyptic Anger
  • Teddy Bear (100%) - A creepy looking teddy bear.
Felix Falora
Location Chaos Ruins
HP 350,000
Weakness Flame
  • Heartless Angel
  • Attack
  • Summon Red
  • Summon Horrorterror
  • Psychotic Lust
  • Shock Imagery
  • Deadly Fingertips
  • Summon Pinkamena and Frozen Pikachu
  • Tranquil Fury
  • Cataclysm
  • Hell
  • N/A


  • Also called 'Kitty,' mostly by Magnum.
  • Neko plays World of Warcraft. He works on a variety of servers, but his two most played are Moonguard (infamous for the populace of erotic roleplayers on the Alliance side) and Earthern Ring (of which he started a Horde character on after he learned Magnum plays there and intends to transfer fully), with Moonguard hosting his two max level characters, a Worgen Priestess by the name of Lyricalla and a Gnome Mage by the name of Lunessiana.
  • Silent Hill 4 The Room - Room Of Angel07:10

    Silent Hill 4 The Room - Room Of Angel

    Felix Falora's Character Theme

    Neko's other MMO is Guild Wars 2. He doesn't play it as much as World of Warcraft, but he when he does, he's fine with it. Neko is on the Tarnished Coast server and has his five characters, his current main being a Human Warrior by the name of Roderick the Brave.
  • Neko has a variety of game interests. His most favorite of the genres are RPGs, RTS games, and occasional fighting and hack 'n slash games.
  • Neko's brother is Isaac, Lord of the Ass. Despite the fact that he is older and thus more intelligent, his brother is more powerful then him, having been able to study in martial arts while he, himself, was exiled from most things of that nature.
  • Neko has a host of weaknesses. One infamous example is the Boku no Pico trilogy. Another is the song "It's A Small World After All." These weaknesses, however, double as Berserk Buttons and lead to him attacking the user more then cowering from them.
  • There are rumors that Neko controls the abominations of Botlantis. It is possible that they were created while he was Felix Falora, but the theory was given a Shrug of God by Forum Fantasy creator Camelslayer, who merely said that he didn't care enough to include it and that it didn't add much to the story at all. Considering Felix Falora is supposed to just be an optional boss in the game, this was accepted by all, even Neko himself.

Spot For People To Edit Their Opinion On The Man InEdit

  • "I'm an asshole. Even I'll admit it." - Psychotic Nekomata
  • "I'm still standing on crumbling rocks begging to be pushed into lava, why haven't I been pushed yet" - Shepski
  • "I'm in love with his sigs. They're so cute! - Arulpragasam
  • Nightmares are only created perfectly by one who is in touch with both his pleasant peaceful side, and his demented evil side. You sir are THE example of this. - Keybladeoverlord
  • Meow - UtterSpartan
  • "Yay a dancing kitty cat" - NinTeddie64
  • ", actually." - The Water Waka
  • "Dude ain't giving a F**k, and that why he awesome."
  • "I always kick his ass" - Isaac Lord of The Ass
  • "No better admin to serve than the nightmare fuel-obssessed embodiment of Lust himself." - Hawk
  • "Hell is yours, huh? LOLNOPE I WAS THERE FIRST" -Camelslayer
  • "I wanna meet him! He sounds a lot like me, so I'm curious. Me, the soulless guy. I wanna meet im'! Cmon, lemme attem." - King Void
  • "He is a psychopath who tortured a guy on-Wait, wrong person. That's Trevor. He's actually cool. That is, If I ever know him." - The Giant Squirrel who ate Dib's head

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