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Real Name: William "Wallen"

Usernames/Aliases: RabbidLuigi

Occupation: Countdown Artist, Let's Player

Gender: Cat

Nationality: British

Member Since: 2010


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RabbidLuigi (real name Wallen) is one of the most well known members of The Chaos Theatre Forums and one of the most popular countdown makers on YouTube. Like The Autarch of Flame, Joshscorcher, and Mediamaster127 he makes vocal countdowns relating to video games as well as occasional text-based music countdowns and AVGMs. He also uploads arrangements of video game music that he has made.

He also made an alternate channel for his content, particularly, his LPs. It is called Rabbid2igi.


RabbidLuigi first joined YouTube on December 21, 2010 and started his own AVGM series just a week later. He then made his first countdown Top Ten Video Game Soundtracks but didn't get publicity until he made his Top Ten Legend of Zelda Games Countdown. His breakthrough countdown however was his first vocal countdown Top Fifteen Metal Gear Solid Bosses which got attention from many well-known countdown makers such as The Autarch, and Mediamaster and Top Ten Guitar Themes a music countdown that came quickly after which got attention from Joshscorcher.

Following this, he has had a rather successful run with making countdowns and has worked with several people for collabs including Hardysforever, UtterSpartan, Fawful's Minion, and even uploaded the Chaos Theatre collab of Top Fifteen Most Wanted Video Game Sequels. In December 2011 Rabbid achieved his milestone of 1,000 subs (With Fawful's Minion being his 1000th) and made his 1000 subscriber special Top Ten No More Heroes Themes. Quickly afterwards he achieved 2000 subscribers and has since passed 15,000 as of Oct. 13, 2012.

During April 2012, Rabbid started up Legend of Zelda Month where he uploaded a major Zelda-related video a week during the month. This event saw Rabbid's subscriber count increase dramatically as the demand for countdowns was met every week. Rabbid has since said that the Month was planned a few months in advance in order to finish the four major videos in time. The last video, The Legacy of the Hero, is reported to have taken nearly a year to complete.

Since then, Rabbid has gone onto release better quality countdown like Top Ten Least Favourite Video Game Bosses and the contest countdown of Top Ten Mario Games. With the rising popularity of videos such as Top Ten Video Game Easter Eggs and Top Ten Disturbing Levels in Non-Horror Games, he receives a steady rise in subscribers each day.

He is one of the most well known members of The Chaos Theatre showing support for mostly every member of the community on both the forum and YouTube, but also shows support for the many AVGM and countdown uploaders on YouTube, and some lesser known let's players as well. He is also one of the leaders in the recently created Gaming Family channel alongside Utter Spartan, The Speed Buster., ZeroMiles, The Water Waka, The N7 Commander, TyrannoGamer, RetartedScraggy, Mcshadow17, RBDude98, QuartrGuy, and Moldingthegalaxy.

Aside from countdowns, he's also known to make t-shirts.



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PokeMonth 2016!

On November 1, Rabbidluigi dedicated the entire month to the popular pocket monsters, featuring a series of countdowns and even a Lat's Play.


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On September 10, 2017, Will has introduced, or rather split, his channel. This alternative was an easier way to organize and manage his work since his original channel will feature his countdowns, as well as other projects, on a weekly basis.

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  • Is from the United Kingdom.
  • Is currently composing some of the music for Forum Fantasy: Prelich's Journey to Manhood. Particularly the trailer theme.
  • Has two avatars created by two of the most talented artists at The Chaos Theatre. One by Gahmah Raan the other by Clownboss.
  • He often represents himself by using a picture of a Rabbid with Luigi's clothing holding a plunger.
  • Will be appearing as an enemy in Forum Fantasy and is even featured in the trailer.
  • Despite making vocal countdowns he does not use a headset mic and has used WMM for some of his countdowns.
  • His intro theme is Solaris Phase 2 from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.
  • He had planned to record Let's Plays of Pokemon Emerald and Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask but decided to drop them after Chuggaaconroy started LPs of the same games.
  • In addition to his musical fluency, Rabbid plays the trumpet, the piano and the ukulele.
  • His favourite band is Muse with their album Absolution being his favourite album.nhv mhgc mnhg
  • He is a known supporter of Chelsea Football Club