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Red Angel (YouTube Channel)

"Greetings one and all and welcome to another episode of Late Night Ponderings." 

-Red Angel

Red Angel was a moderator on the Chaos Theater Forums, and one of the last new staff members to join. Initially only the moderator of the roleplay section, she was soon promoted to a full-fledged moderator.

She currently runs a small but reasonably successful YouTube channel, where she posts video essays, analyses, reviews and other stuff. While she focuses on indie games, she also covers other more mainstream titles. Her most popular series, Late Night Ponderings, showcases her analytical knowledge over a wide range of subjects. Her channel focuses on video games but she dabbles in other forms of media ensuring that there's a Late Night Ponderings episode for everyone. 

Late Night Ponderings Edit

Although she makes a variety of videos, this series of mini-editorials make up the bread and butter of Red Angel's channel.

  1. Late Night Ponderings: Life Is Strange's Ending and Reception
  2. Late Night Ponderings: Don't Judge a Book by Its Author
  3. Late Night Ponderings: System Shock Remastered and Judging Things by Their Own Merit
  4. Late Night Ponderings: X-Men: Apocalypse and the Absence of the Mundane
  5. Late Night Ponderings: Five Nights at Freddy's, the Necessary Evil of Horror Games
  6. Late Night Ponderings: The Last of Us Part 2 and Ambiguous Endings
  7. Late Night Ponderings: Horror Games Vs Horror Elements
  8. Late Night Ponderings: Burning Down Your Comfort Zone With Pyre
  9. Late Night Ponderings: Similar Sinews
  10. Late Night Ponderings: A Storm of an Ending
  11. Late Night Ponderings: The Positives of Power Fantasies
  12. Late Night Ponderings: The Damselfication of Beverly Marsh