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Thread on How to Make Pages Like This, The Chaos Theatre Forums

This is a sample profile created by UtterSpartan for The Chaos Theatre to help teach users on how to make their own, personal pages for the The Chaos Theatre Wiki. This creation was carried out on May 27th, 2013 hence the date of the "Member Since" part in the infobox even though this page has no equivalent member on the forums.


When UtterSpartan saw all of the questions flying on how to make the infobox work in the "Chaos Theatre Wiki Is Ours" thread he decided to set out and create a guide to help out everyone. This page is one half of the fruits created by that excursion.

Current StatusEdit

This page is meant for you, yes you. If you ever have problems with creating your own page on the wiki this page is here to guide you through example along with the corresponding thread linked in the infobox's "Websites/Channels/Pages" section. Us admins only wish you the best of luck in creating new pages for the wiki.


  • The profile picture on this page has nothing to do with any other content found here. It was just a picture UtterSpartan had and decided to use on this page.
  • This page was made in its current state in around 30 minutes also including the creation of the corresponding guide thread.

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