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"By the way, the name's Dante, but you can call me Dante the Demon Killer! Got a nice ring to it don't ya think?"

ShadowKenji is a member of The Chaos Theatre, also known as the Shadow Beast, the dark form entity of the Mana Beast.

Also is one half of the LP duo of AylikAndKenji, Kenji is the snarky watcher when Aylik plays for the most part, often making comparison's to other games during Let's Plays.

Chaos Theatre ForumEdit

While not having been part of the Chaos Theatre Forum in the past versions, ShadowKenji came in with an open mind despite not knowing anyone. After posting often in Role Plays and Forum Games, his popularity grew, maybe not to celeb standards but has earned much respect. Unlike many members of the forum, he doesn't have a mic (a decent one) and most of the equipment to do countdowns or anything vocal (other than LPs currently...see Youtube section below) but that hasn't stopped him from doing a Metroid Other M playthrough/impressions and possibly doing text based Countdowns, Reviews, and collabs in the future.


Currently his ShadowBeastKenji channel really is more for keeping up-to-date with Chaos Theatre countdown/LP/review makers as well as his favorite music artists and AVGN episodes.

But he is part of an LP account known as AylikAndKenji who are friends who do Let's Plays for curently retro games. Aylik plays the game while Kenji comments and makes fun of Aylik. Kenji is best known for stating relations between enemies, plots, patterns, characters, and etc of a game that relates to another. Kenji will make his LP's in the near future solo and collabs including Aylik.


Quiet by nature,only speaking up when conversations go towards his interests which in Chaos Theatre is very often. Very willing to battle and is a defender of friends, this is the lighter side of the Beast, the darker Shadow side is one of a brooding beast of lost love and hate for humanity at times, these two sides are unbalanced...often they will collide making a mix of a monster.


While being a Gamer first, the beast has other interests:

-Video Games

-Anime (very low)

-Role Playing


-Angry Video Game Nerd


-Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

-Video Game Music



-Let's Plays (LPs)





Where there's light, there's darkness. When a hero rises, so must an anti-hero to bring forth challenge. A friendship nothing short of a brotherly bond. Online AylikBane and ShadowKenji are always known as a great duo in MMORPGs, both new to the LP community and cuently a duo and will remain so even when doing seperate projects. Offline is no different, two best friends who have been through trial after trial together and remain together through the darkest hells and high waters

Kujie CooEdit

What began as just a few interactions between two characters in a Role Play, grew into friendship and bond between Kujie Coo known as "Lavi" to ShadowKenji.

Mr. RedEdit

After seeing each other in a thread, Red decided to get to know ShadowKenji, this would soon develup into a light friendship that then became a friendly rivalry over Dissida 012, but they re still good friends. ShadowKenji has peeked Reds interest into the Persona series. Also as stated by Mr. Red, "Kenji needs to learn the maps in Castlevania Harmony of Despair on PSN."


A growing friendship of respect, starting with ISugarBee's impressions of "No More Heroes" brought forth ShadowKenji's first own impressions of "Metroid Other M" which was extremely well recieved and created a desire to do more. She is also a loyal watcher of AylikAndKenji often giving comments and even suggestions.


A countdown maker who isn't given enough attention in the community, befriended ShadowKenji merely through mutrual admirations of each other's work, Rusty's countdowns as well as ShadowKenji's co-LPs, despite ShadowKenji only giving honest thought on Rusty's work, he was given a shout out in one of Rusty's video's through the credits.


First Impressions / Walkthroughs (ShadowKenji)Edit

- Metroid Other M (text/pic based) [1]

Let's Play (AylikAndKenji)Edit

Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts series:Edit

- Let's Play Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts Part 1 - Where's My Dagger?

- Let's Play Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts Failisode Part 1 - The Furnace of Failure

- Let's Play Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts Part 2 - GO AWAY LANCE, NO ONE WANTS YOU.

- Let's Play Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts Part 3 - THROW YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR LIKE SOLID SNAKE.

- Let's Play Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts Part 4 - Queen Arthur and The Bracelet of the Goddess

- Let's Play Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts Part 4 And a Half - Compilation Of A Journey (Aylik solo)

- Let's Play Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts Part 5 (END) - In a Time When Princess' Have Serial Numbers.

Let's Randomly Play series:Edit

- Let's Randomly Play: Action Pachio - The Game I'll Never LP

MegaMan 7 series:Edit

- Let's Play MegaMan 7 Part 1 - Dr.Willy Strikes Again! (Yes, Willy)


-Likes Nintendo over Sony, Sony over Microsoft, Microsoft and PC are hated.

-Mains Ike in Super Smash Brothers Brawl -Only uses Hitomi in the Dead or Alive series.

-Sometimes watches LPers such as AttackingTucans, JoshJepson, Luchajin, Donnabellz, and others instead of playing games.

-First game beaten was Double Dragon II: The Revenge on NES at age 5.

-Shadow is based off his favorite element and favorite Sonic The Hedgehog and Final Fantasy VI character.

-Kenji while is alias/nickname, is based off the real name of Bakuryu from Bloody Roar II (at least to his knowledge)

-Always goes for the Anti-hero, usually finds the Hero stupid or weak and Villian overly cliche or stupid as well.

-Unlike most of the gamers/Capcom fanboys - likes the new Dante from DmC Devil May Cry.

-Loved Metroid Other M just as much as the other Metroid games.

-Favorite LP stream is Super Mario Sunshine Versus (AttackingTucans and JoshJepson)

Online ConnectsEdit

PSN - ShadowKenji

Skype - ShadowKenji

3DS Friend Code - 1676-4101-0635

Wii Friend Code - 7335-9411-9140-5376

Twitter - Shadow_kenji [1]

Youtube - ShadowBeastKenji [1] or AylikAndKenji [2]


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