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SonicTheHedgehog17 (aka The Polish Valsion) is a YouTuber who joined The Chaos Theatre somewhere in 2012. He was born in 1989 in Poland, in the city of Lodz. He specializes in making Awesome Video Game Music videos, taking his inspirations from The Autarch of Flame, but occasionally, he also makes various Top Lists, both vocal and musical.

YouTube Edit


Although SonicTheHedgehog17 is present on YouTube since December 2006, up until August 2009 he didnt't upload any video, taking his role as a mere video watcher. However, upon stumbling into The Autarch of Flame and his collection of video game music, he decided to start his own series. Some of his choices may be obscure, but they are nice to listen to, nonetheless.


  • After creating over 200 entries for his Awesome Video Game Music collection, he begun making musical Top Lists. His first projects (such as the original Top 15 Scariest Video Game Music Tracks) had been removed, his first entries on the playlist are now the Top 10 Vocal Songs in Video Games, 2010:
  • Upon reaching 300 entries, SonicTheHedgehog17 started a new project, entitled "Brawl Custom Music", where he presents his matches in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (mostly against high level CPU players, but there are exceptions) with customized music from various video games playing in the background instead of music from Brawl, an effect which he achieved by recording the footage with DVD Recorder and adding music in Sony Vegas. The number of entries for this project reached 100 just recently, with his first one being:
  • On January 2011, he started a playthrough of Super Smash Bros. Brawl Adventure Mode, The Subspace Emissary, where he replaces all music from the game with various video game tunes, in fashion of the original "Brawl Custom Music" project. It eventually finished in November 2011.
  • On May 2011, he uploaded his first My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic related video. Having seen various parodies and trailers, as well as becoming a brony in general, he decided to mix the new version of ponies with classic tune from Transformers G1. Since then, he occasionally creates MLP: FiM videos both in Polish (such as Poland Can Pony Too compilation) and English (PMVs).


Awesome Video Game MusicEdit

His Awesome Video Game Music collection got past 400 entries, so instead of listing them all, one by one, here are the playlists:

  • Entries 1 - 200: [1]
  • Entries 201 - 400: [2]
  • Entries 401 - 600 (ongoing): [3]

Awesome Video Game Music 2 Edit

Solo Countdowns (incomplete)Edit

Collab CountdownsEdit

  • Top Ten Final Boss Themes (Collab with St3p7up)
    • [Part 1 not avaliable]
    • Part 2
  • Top 20 8-Bit Music Tracks (Collab with Shanebomb11)
  • Top 20 Video Game Vocal Songs (Collab with kingvideogames)
  • Top 10 Phase 1 Final Boss Themes (Collab with WestCoastGamer92)

Brawl Custom MusicEdit

Playlist here: [4]

SSBB The Subspace Emissary WalkthroughEdit

Playlist here: [5]

SSB4 Custom MusicEdit

Playlist Here

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Videos (selected works)Edit

Other VideosEdit

Plays of the Game Edit

This is a series of video game clips packed with plenty of action at the end of matches by his truly.

​Video TakedownEdit

On October 27, 2016, it was announced that most of his old videos has been deleted due to copyright claims, including a strike, directly to his channel. As a result, most of his old projects that were made 6 years ago or older are now gone, This included:

  • The entire SSBB Subspace Emissary walkthrough with Custom Music
  • Most of his MLP: FiM Videos including parodies, trailers, and compilations including "Poland Can Pony, Too."
  • Several entries from his AVGM playlist
  • Some Custom Music videos featuring SSB4 and Brawl
  • Several Top Lists
  • A cancellation of his fourth/final installment of "Poland Can Pony, Too."

He wishes he'd someday re-upload his AVGM, as well as his SSB Custom Music videos. But not MLP. He chose the lesser evil to avoid a full deletion of his channel. He's been very apologetic toward his followers and he has been burnt out with all his projects. All we can do is hope for the best for Andy.


  • He learned English by playing video games and watching cartoons
  • First console: Pegasus (pirated Famicom, which gained cult status in Poland)
  • Favorite Franchises: Sonic the Hedgehog, Ace Combat, Super Robot Wars, Transformers, Mortal Kombat, Final Fantasy
  • Mascot Character: Then: The Valsion (Super Robot Wars series) Now: The original character, The Paladin (MLP: FiM)
  • He considers The Autarch of Flame and The Fiery Joker as his inspirations for creating Top Lists.
  • Sonicthehedgehog17

    Andy's favorite character, Sonic!

    He became a Brony in 2011, but doesn't force anyone into watching the show (though he still reccomends it). In additon, he writes mini-series of fanfics known as "Ace Combat: Equestria Chronicles",  as well as "Ace Combat: Wings of Unity."
  • He is an advid League of Legends player.
  • He is a proud member of the Rogue Mages Clan.
  • He utterly despises the new Google+ functions for YouTube.