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David Munro (aka Sppedster, SpeedyMan153) is a popular YouTube producer hailing from Australia. Much like Rabbidluigi and many others, his countdowns revolve around video games and the like. He began on June 29, 2007. He's a fanatic with The Legend of Zelda.

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Toon Link, David's favorite Smasher and video game character.

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Sppedster put a group of friends together to goof off while doing their own Let's Plays. These include Speedster, Titanmaster121, miniaxemurderer, and Yessoan.

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Austrailia, eh?

  • He loves the Zelda franchise, and his favorite game overall is "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess."
  • His favorite Pokémon? Metagross. His first Pokémon? Cyndaquil
  • He hates looking out the window at night since he'll see a face.
  • Just because he's a man, doesn't mean he's into sex.
  • What makes him irritated the most is when he has something to say, but he forgets what it is.
  • He loves cats, mostly wild cats.
  • His favorite TV Show is Sanity Not Included.
  • His favorite movie is The Rat (short film)
  • The first time he actually quit playing a game was during his greatest killjoy, the sailing mission from "Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker."
  • Favorite book: The Demonata
  • He loves Toon Link and Luigi the most.
  • Since he's a Zelda fan, his favorite music is the OST for "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past." In fact, his favorite music genre is from video games.
  • His favorite console was the Nintendo Wii. Not much of a Sony or Microsoft fan.
  • His favorite food is meat lover's pizza. He loves meat!
  • Back in 2007 he was really into comics and Sonic, thus he had his first name, Speedyman153. He changed it to Speedster because it was simpler.
  • Hometown is Barrhead, currently living in Melbourne, Australia. And he actually has a Scottish heritage as metioned in his Top 100 Favorite Games.
  • He attends the Swinburne Univ. of Technology in Hawthorn.
  • His most hated video game character is Jasper Batt Jr. from "No More Heroes 2." Go figure.
  • Intro Theme was Rundas Boss Theme from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Now it's Miror B Battle Remix by pochapal.
  • Out of all the hated characters from The Legend of Zelda franchise, he hates Yuga from A Link Between Worlds.
  • His favorite Smasher is Shulk.
  • He has some odd, though awesome, nicknames for his Pokémon; his favorite Pokémon Elitist is Samurott, in terms of best typing, best Starter, best concept and design, and best Pokémon in battle.
  • He's considered as a musician as he's a talented vocalist, and, much like Josh, plays trombone.
  • Sonic 2 was the first game he owned and played.
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New Intro (Plus Update in Description)

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