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Real Name





Shipper, Fanfic. writer




Puerto Rican (not Mexican nor Cuban)

Member Since

1942 Beginning of the Cold War


Suki is a young girl, who dreams of sugar, coffee and hot video game men. She also is a fanfiction writer and shipper, arguably one of the worst combinations ever.

Souda (23)

Souda Kazuichi the man of her dreams.

Suki is working on a Spin-off game to Forum Fantasy known as Forum Fantasy: Prelic'h's Journey to Dating, which is a dating sim, and so far the only spin-off that Camelslayer has approved. In this game you play as Prelich, the anti-social lonely sad sack of a mod that he is, trying to find love with anyone he can... even demons. All mods, admins, eldritch abominations and even himself are potential lovers. It is currently on hold as she has been having a hard-time trying to find someone who can do the art for her.

May or may not contain Fat Bird. Goddammit Fat Bird.

Is also apparently the mother, daughter, and wife of Cameslayer. How the **** this work is unknown.

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