Tambot is a former mod from the Chaos Theatre, who was discharged for long forgotten reasons.

Is this her?

Not much is known about her, except she is a madam, has a fiery as all hell temper, is as inactive as Prelich, if not more. The last appearence of this mysterious dame was back on V1, when she appeared randomly and was accused of being a bot by Kuro Serpentina, only to be corrected by The Autarch of Flame, revealing he knows her IRL.

She appears as the 4th party member in Forum Fantasy: Prelich's Journey to Manhood. She specialises in dual-wielding weapons, and buff and debuff skills. Her fiery nature is only amplified by her depiction, in which she is the first to threaten foes and has a twisted sense of humor. She can inflict large amounts of damage in combat, becoming the strongest character early on, only to be supplanted by Magnum. In her character arc, she is redeemed and becomes a full fledged mod once again. At the end of Forum Fantasy (depending on the ending achieved), she tends to up and leave to eat some pudding.