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TheOtaku143110, Yukari Yakumo




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TheOtaku143110 (Youtube), TheOtaku143110 (DeviantArt) - 113986 animal ears blush brown hair catgirl chibi hakurei reimu tail touhou white yuya (night lily)
TheOtaku143110 is one of the Otaku that hang around The Chaos Theatre Forums, and is a massive Touhou fan. He inadvertedly made DisasterMaster into a Touhou fan on Cirno Day of 2011 (9/9/11) by showing several of Cirno's remixed theme.

Because of high school, he doesn't appear on the forums until the weekend. TheOtaku143110 likes to play a lot of doujin games, and reads alot of doujin manga. He doesn't like talking much, only talking to close friends and people on the internet.

Forum FantasyEdit

TheOtaku143110 appears in the Demon City in hell, where he appears as the games incarnation of the Metal Slime. His default action is to run, but if killed gives better EXP than most enemies. His drop item also has a legendary status for being really good, while being mysterious to the point no one really knows what it is.


  • TheOtaku143110 is a global moderator of and admin of ScarletDevilMansion Forums.
  • He sees the the masses or the mainstream audience very easy to manipulate.
  • He has a big stomach since he can eat alot of food most people can't usually consume.
  • TheOtaku143110 became an anime artist some time 2 years ago and has improved ever since then.
  • He has a friendly relationship with DisasterMaster, Hawk and those of and ScarletDevil Mansion Forums.
  • According to Magnum he has one of the best avatars in the forums.

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