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The Autarch of Flame, Senator Armstrong


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Peanut3423 (YouTube Channel)


He's cool. Like stetsons.

The Autarch of Flame (Alex Rochon) is a co-founder of The Chaos Theatre website and a video content producer on YouTube.


The Autarch of Flame's YouTube account is peanut3423. The peanut3423 YouTube channel was originally intended to host short videos and parodies, featuring stop motion (notably, one featuring evil peanuts). In the midst of Super Smash Bros. Brawl's popularity, Rochon decided to create the first of what he is most well known for on March 21st, 2008 - his first countdown, Super Smash Bros Brawl - Top Ten Music Tracks. Following the success of this video, Rochon started uploading similar content to YouTube, growing slowly into video, vocals and ultimately a better video editor.


Rochon is most well known for his countdowns. In his countdowns, Rochon describes in detail his favorites - or least favorites - among a specific category, such as video game music, boss battles, etc. He is also known for collaborating with friends of his in order to make countdowns that are their own unique kind of beast.

A full list of his vocal countdowns can be found here, organized by date:

​Season 1Edit

​Season 2Edit

​Season 3Edit

Awesome Video Game MusicEdit

According to Rochon, he created the Awesome Video Game Music (AVGM) series in order to keep his subscribers happy until his next countdown. In this series, Rochon uploads songs from video games he enjoys listening to, and gives a brief explianation as to why he likes the song in the video description. A full list of his AVGMs can be found here:

Disturbing Video Game MusicEdit


A spin-off to the Awesome Video Game Music list, Rochon has also done a minor list on Disturbing Video Game Music. What was supposed to be a short list eventually did continue on quite a bit. You can find all of those songs here.

Let's PlaysEdit

In 2010, Rochon uploaded what was to be the first episode in his first Let's Play of Shadow of the Colossus. However, he ultimately cancelled the Let's Play after a period of inactivity. Later, in one of his VLOGs, Rochon announced a new Let's Play. The game would be one important to his community - Forum Fantasy: Prelich's Journey To Manhood.

​Hades RiffsEdit

Other Videos Edit

The Chaos TheatreEdit

On October 18, 2010, Rochon announced in one of his videos the launch of The Chaos Theatre website, along with the reboot of The Greatest Video Game Character.

Main SiteEdit

On the main site, Rochon is an admin. Many of his posts consist of video content he has uploaded to
Sailor Marth

Probably what he looks like. And what he's saying about me adding this

Blip, reviews, updates, and, when they've actually done work on it, The Greatest Video Game Character.


On the forums, Rochon was an admin. Though he is less visibly active by regular members due to a lower-than-average post count, he is frequently working on the forums in the form of moderating. It's not unknown for him to stop fights and to distribute warnings. Rochon's most common activity on the forums is to search out and delete all bots that appear on the site.

Autarch IRL For real diz time

Retirement Edit

On September 29, 2015, Alex stated his retirement from his countdown-making career. Moreover, it was due to boredom and the fact that he's pursuing a career in voice acting. However, that doesn't mean it'll be the end for him. He'll still be a part of the community, but he's been taking smaller projects (such as editing for Chewie and Josh). He also made some short videos and a few Undertale fandubs.

On the day after his announcement, his final countdown was published, "Top 10 Personal Experiences with Video Games."

It's possible that he'll have a cameo appearance in a future countdown, "Top 10 Pyromancers in Video Games," featuring The Green Scorpion and Joshscorcher.

​Response to Lily PeetEdit

On Josh's response to Lily Peet, Alex made a brief cameo stating his personal experience of how he was bullied, as well as how he himself was also a bully. Alex described the mindset and the personality of a bully from his own personal experiences, both as the recepient and the perpetrator. He said a few months ago, he made an open letter about his thoughts on the fallout between Josh and Lily.  He wanted to talk to him directly since he was bashing his friends so badly.  He also mentioned what it was like for someone to be abused in the military, especially from the instructor, and not properly vent their emotions. Or if it's something more personal like if someone has autism and is being either supported or tarnished by their parents. Lily had a similar kind of perdicament. And even still, he said it's inexcusable of doing ehat he's been doing as of late.



Alex the Autarch

  • Has perfect pitch, can sing and can play some guitar.
  • Has a scary amount of traits in common with Joshscorcher, including the above trivia entry.
  • Has helped Camelslayer plan out certain plot elements and sidequests in Forum Fantasy.
  • Did not name his YouTube account, and dislikes being called "Peanut" or some variant. He now has a completely overblown Internet alias to compensate.
  • Said completely overblown internet alias is named after Rubicante (a.k.a the Autarch of Flame) from Final Fantasy IV, a favourite character of his.
  • His second favorite could be Hades from Kid Icarus: Uprsising. He has done some hilarious riffs with his voice acting as Hades.
  • Ironically, despite his name being the Autarch of Flame, his favourite traditional element is water.
  • Loathes seafood.
  • Is a massive slacker, and often considers himself a real-life version of Scott Pilgrim.
  • He created his now-infamous Beer video for a history project, which his teacher then saved onto his desktop and showed to other classes for no reason other than the lulz.
  • Is a huge fan of the 1990 TV series Twin Peaks, and had constructed a small narrative at the ends of some of his videos that pay tribute to it.
  • Favorite Nostalgic TV show is Digimon Tamers.
  • Is a Ceiling Cat, who hides the fact he's online to spy on others. He does this on both Skype & the Theatre
  • His berserk buttons are math (quote some Sho Minamimoto at him) and the CD-i Zelda games.
  • As revealed in Top Ten Metroid Bosses , The Metroid franchise is his favorite Video Game series and Metroid Prime is his favorite Video Game.
  • He seems to be struggling with depression and anxiety issues; and occasionally OCD as well.

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