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The Chaos Theater Main Page

The Chaos Theater is a website created by Krazier, The Autarch of Flame, Chewie, Rince, and Psychotic Nekomata. It was started on October 21, 2010 where their Greatest Video Game Character series was launched. The main website is primarily used to present content from the site's admins. It also archives various other user created content in the Chaos Theater such as The Chaos Theater Team-up Countdown by RabbidLuigi and several other and UtterSpartan's series Now Showing at the Chaos Theater. The website uses a Wordpress template.


The Chaos Theater was formed by friends Krazier, Chewie, Rince and The Autarch of Flame. Krazier himself already owned a site that was not receiving enough traffic to warrant its continuation as the price for owning the site was rather high. Instead of abandoning his internet conquests he turned to his friend, The Autarch of Flame, to announce on his YouTube channel the creation of a new site and accompanying forum called "The Chaos Theater". This was done in reference to a movie they had recently watched and enjoyed called "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" in which "The Chaos Theatre" is the lair of the main villain of the movie.

V1 CollapseEdit

In early 2012 the original Chaos Theater and the forums were both taken offline because of Krazier's inability to pay his bills to the company that hosted both sites. Because of this a temporary "V2" forum was set up on Proboards, and the original creators of the site set out on procuring a new service provider for a relaunch of the Theater.

After some time, the main site and the forums relaunched on May 28th, 2012, under a new domain name.

Current ContentEdit

The Chaos Theater (also known as the "main page" by the admins) currently features reviews in text and video format, updates on Grave Story and other blog like material. Most updates are made by The Coffee Man, Camelslayer, Avaril and DisasterMaster93.

V3's FallEdit

In late 2013, the latest version of The Chaos Theater had crashed. The admins told everyone to go to V2.5 until it was fixed. When the forum had been fixed to a usable state, there was one issue: the data for all of the logins was lost, causing you to not be able to log in, log out, or even register. 

In April 2014, Coffee Man announced in a livestream that the site was not salvageable and finally, the updated version of The Chaos Theater was released on the same day to the public. The first official non-admin, non-mod, non-testing user on V4 was The Powerful Burst.