July 17, 2018: No really, how is this still getting updated? Everyone involved with the Theater has moved on. At least let it die with some dignity. I'll be cleaning this place up, removing what people really don't want on here, etc. If anyone wants me to change anything on a locked page, you can contact me on twitter. -Avaril

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April 18: So, with the admins developing a new wiki, this wiki will be all but abandoned soon.

December 16: Okay, this wiki has been sabotaged lately. People had been sending death threats to some of the admins of the wiki, people have been editing pages and messing with them by posting false content on the pages, etc. We need to follow the guidelines created in April by Avaril to try to clean everything up.

The guidelines are listed below.

  1. Every page must use correct spelling and grammar. If you're not that good at it though, don't worry. Just do what you think is right and hope somebody else will fix it for you.
  2. You see that "Format" drop-down menu up there when editing a page? Please use that. Slap some headings in there to make pages easy to navigate.
  3. Don't add completely unnecessary content. Some fluff is welcome, we don't need to be The Other Wiki, but let's keep it somewhat informative.
  4. If you see anything that clearly needs some editing, like a rather stubby page, feel free to do so.
  5. I've added a neat info bar on my page. Please slap one of those on every "peoples"-page, for the sake of uniformity.

Welcome to the The Chaos Theater Wiki

Welcome to the Chaos Theater Wiki. This wiki is intended as a source of information on the members of the Theater and their works.

What is the Chaos Theater?

The Chaos Theater was a community of people, formed in 2011, who created content about various forms of media, such as video games, television and movies, but other subjects as well. This content ranged from countdowns and reviews to Let's Plays, and occasionally new video games.

What are the Chaos Theater Forums?

The Theater's forums are where most members were active. Besides offering a place to discuss the content created by its members in a more friendly environment than YouTube comments, its members were also able to discuss various forms of entertainment and more serious subjects, and there was a minor roleplaying community. The forums eventually closed in January 2017, ending the Chaos Theater's 6 year run.

So... was it called the Chaos Theatre, or the Chaos Theater?

Initially the forums were called the Chaos Theatre but, when Avaril took over in 2014, she felt a name change was in order due to an almost complete shift in the forums' staff.

That, and was already taken and she didn't want to mess around with dashes or the like.

What's the deal with V1, V2(.5), V3 and V4?

The Chaos Theater went through multiple iterations over the years. In short:

  1. V1 is the original, set up by Krazier, the Autarch, Rince and Chewie in 2011, and lasted until they ran into issues with the webhost in 2012.
  2. V2 was a temporary ProBoards forum, set up by The Coffee Man when V1 suddenly went offline.
  3. V3 is the second true iteration of the forums, launched in later 2012, and arguably when the Theatre was in its heyday. This site lasted until late 2013, when the forum's software started to malfunction and Krazier was unable to fix it.
  4. V2.5 was a return to the ProBoards forum set up the year before, albeit with a significant visual overhaul to make it more in line with V3.
  5. V4 is the last iteration of the forums, set up by Avaril after most of the original staff had left. It was launched on April 7, 2014, and ultimately closed on January 29, 2017 due to a declining userbase.


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