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Dylan Azzopardi


The Coffee Man, The Caffinated One


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A long time


XIIITheCoffeeMan (YouTube Channel)


Probably what he's doing

The Coffee Man is one of the admins of the Chaos Theater, and close friend of Psychotic Nekomata's. He is the current host of Now Showing at the Chaos Theatre. As of July 17th 2013 TyrannoGamer now co-hosts/co-edits the show.

The Chaos TheatreEdit

On the forums The Coffee Man is an admin. He's one of the more active users on the forums and has made quite a few contributions to the theatre. Among these contributions are the Chaos Theatre V2 site that went up when V1 was down to serve as a temporary home until V3 was set up, the reboot of Now Showing at the Chaos Theatre and the Chaos Theatre Livestream. While he can be strict as an admin, he is a very friendly person and a bit of a shy person. A running gag is that he is a "clopper" as in one who finds sexual interest in the characters of the TV Show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This accusation is presumed to be false.


The Coffee Man's YouTube channel is XIII the Coffee Man. Currently has a review of of both the SNES versions of both Wolfenstein and Doom, and a review of Friday the 13th for the NES as well as reviews for the Atari 2600 game "Spiderman" and the Nintendo 64 game "Superman 64".

He also combined his efforts with fellow Chaos Theatre reviewer UtterSpartan.


  • Met Psychotic Nekomata on another forum. In fact it was Psychotic Nekomata that got the Coffee Man to join the Chaos Theatre.
  • Drinks a Minimum of 4 cups of Coffee a Day! As such he doesn't sleep well.
  • He runs the Chaos Theatre Skype Chat
  • Usually parodies Spider-Man and its various spin-offs with his user-names (The Amazing Coffee Man, Ultimate Coffee Man, Coffee Man Noir, Coffee Man 2099)
  • Favorite RPG series is Final Fantasy.

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