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The Dedicated Gamer is a countdown maker who joined The Chaos Theater in August 2012. He currently lives in Lisbon, Portugal, and is a year away from graduating in Economics. He joined the countdown making community in April of the same year and is a gamer who has the need to 100% every single game he plays.


The first stepsEdit

The Dedicated Gamer first started his Youtube career by creating an account named "Kaiskov09" in January 2009. He first used his account to upload random videos with no single purpose just for fun, just like one of his classmates. However, he later found out he really enjoyed making videos so he decided to take that seriously.

Unknown CommentatorEdit

Kaiskov had the brilliant idea of doing a let's play to get more noticed, because at the time, he was a big fan of Clementj642. He bought a Dazzle and tried to LP both Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 2, but due to his lack of motivation, he gave up the same week he started. He then heard about this Youtube movement called "Together To The Top" started by Athenewins. He then decided to join the movement and he met amazing people there such

His favourite form of Travel

as GrhymTV (now known as Typogamers), K1LL3Y, Runnerwithagun and Jabcool1 (now known as JBGunslinger) that got him into commentaries. He enjoyed doing them but he felt a bit sad due to the lack of views, he felt he was expressing his thoughts on those commentaries for nothing since nobody saw them, except 3 of the guys above. He felt that his commentaries weren't satisfying enough, so he had to come up with something better, something more entertaining, something that Kaiskov himself could watch and enjoy.

The beginning of a new worldEdit

One night, Kaiskov was looking for something on Youtube that could entertain him. He clicked on a Machinima's Top 10 FTW, but it was too short and boring. He then decided to look at the related videos and he found this "Top 10 Saddest Moments in Videogames" by peanut3433. Kaiskov decided to give it a shot and he simply loved it. It was the video that he needed to cheer him up. A few days later he heard found this other countdown maker called "rabbidluigi" and his countdown's were even better in the eyes of Kaiskov. While he was watching countdowns, he was also trying to come up with an idea for his channel and, one day in the middle of a geography class, he knew what to do, a countdown. Kaiskov knew his fate was to be a countdown maker, he simply knew that. He loved watching and rewatching them, he already knew many countdown makers in the community and he sort of had an idea of how countdowns are made. Now the real question was, what should he countdown about? He already knew it would be a gaming countdown, but the ideas his friends gave him were rather... unoriginal, such as Top 10 Technical Bugs in Videogames and Top 10 Knife Kills in COD. Although the first one seemed appealing, it wouldn't leave much room for elaboration and he simply wouldn't want to have COD fanboys as a fanbase. He later had the idea of making a Top 10 Most Well-Developed Characters in Videogames and, on May 14th, 2012, his first countdown was uploaded on Youtube. However, it was incredibly flawed, due to his stammering, and the countdown was blocked a few minutes later due to copyright claims from Konami and Square Enix. He then claimed that content as "fair use" and after 3 months, the strike was removed and his account got back into good standing. But despite the flaws, he simply couldn't stop watching that countdown and being amazed with what he did.

Meeting a SoldierEdit

After his very first countdown, Kaiskov (now addressed as "The Dedicated Gamer") wanted his next countdown to be a collab, just like the very first countdown he ever saw, so he kept looking for a countdown maker that wasn't busy enough to pay attention to him, but with good quality content. He found this guy called "WOOTcorey" that was in Joshscorcher's collab, however, he wasn't bursting with subscribers and views like the others, so he decided to ask him if he wanted to collab with him, to which he replied saying that he would. Unfortunately, he only had a chance to talk with him near the end of May, and on June, Kaiskov wanted to dedicate an entire month to one of his favourite videogame franchises, Sonic The Hedgehog, so they agreed to leave the collab for the next month. June was a pretty straight forward month with the exception of one event. Kaiskov was watching the Perfect Chaos boss fight from Sonic Generations and he saw a comment saying "Hey at X:XX isn't that a Sonic Rainboom?", to which the uploader replied "Oh yeah! It does look like one". Kaiskov didn't knew what that was, so he decided to look it up on Youtube and clicked the first video that showed up. Just before the video started, Kaiskov paused it and said to himself "My Little Pony? I think I remember a toy commercial from a few years ago that had the same name". He then saw that the comments often used the word "brony" and was curious. He looked up the word on the Urban Dictionary and his first thoughts were "Are they serious?". With the month of Sonic over, Kaiskov had the time to work on his collab. He then e-mailed the script to Corey and they finally had the chance to work on the collab. After recording the voice-over, one of the topics that were brought up was "Are you a brony?" and Corey said that he wasn't, however, he did watched Josh's reviews. The next day Kaiskov decided to watch the reviews and he actually enjoyed them, however, he didn't know if he enjoyed them because of Josh or because of the show.

Meeting.... a racoon?Edit

After the collab was uploaded, Kaiskov decided to wait for the Itionobo2's contest results to be posted. He was so hyped because he was sure he would win that contest and that we would then become a big countdown maker. When the results were posted and Kaiskov saw he didn't won, he bursted into fury and claimed that Ben chose the winners based on how famous they were. Kaiskov then apologized and asked KBMadhouse for advices on what to do next. KB told him that he should do a Top 10 Videogame Creepypasta and Kaiskov didn't refused the idea, however, he was afraid that he would find a screamer while researching and collecting footage, so he decided to take that countdown slowly. A few weeks later, Kaiskov saw that Zmurcielago started an audition-based contest too, Top 10 Final Bosses, and he was pretty excited fot that because he finally had another chance to prove what he's made of. However, Zmurcielago wasn't as big as Ben or Josh, so Kaiskov was afraid that he wouldn't have enough auditions by the deadline and that he would cancel the collab, just like Master H did. He knew he had to convince everyone he could to audition, so when he saw this comment saying "I'm afraid I won't be able to audition after all", he knew he had to do something: So Kaiskov replied to that guy saying not to give up and that even his audition could win. The guy, now feeling a bit better, thanked Kaiskov and asked him to add him on Skype. Kaiskov did that and that's how a long-lasting friendship between Kaiskov and Slycooper743 (now Slycooper745) began. Slycooper745 asked if it was ok if they could collab one day and Kaiskov said it was ok, but he wanted Slycooper745 to make a solo countdown first, so that he could figure out his style and character a bit better. Kaiskov then auditioned for Zmurcielago's contest and since he had free time, he figured it was ok to also audition to Quartrguy's Top 50 Robot Masters and moldingthegalaxy's Top 10 Swords in Videogames. A few weeks later, Josh uploaded a Top 10 Mario Spinoffs. Kaiskov found it a really weird coincidence that it was uploaded the same week Superflipper76 uploaded his Top 10 Pokemon Spinoffs collab with Itionobo2, so Kaiskov decided to upload a spinoff countdown too, Top 10 Sonic Spinoffs.

Finding out the truthEdit

One day, Kaiskov asked Slycooper745 if he was a brony, to which he replied "sort of... I only watch Josh's reviews". Kaiskov explained to him that just watching the reviews doesn't make him a brony and that he wanted to ask a brony why do they like the show so much. Slycooper745 asked him if he already had watched the show and Kaiskov said that he didn't like the writing because it was too cheesy, even though the only experience he had with the show were Josh's reviews and 2 seconds of terrible portuguese voice acting. The following weeks, Kaiskov

Kaiskov, yo, Kyah~

simply couldn't stop thinking about the show, so he tried to convince himself that the show was terrible. He was afraid of becoming a brony, mainly because of all the hate they receive from anti-bronies. But one day, he woke up already thinking about it, so he said to himself "NO MORE! I have to watch atleast one episode and find out once and for all if i'm one of them!". And so Kaiskov watched the pilot, and since he was still alone at home, he decided to watch the 3rd episode, and then another episode, and another, he only admitted he was a brony by the time he finished watching the 7th episode and, believe it or not, he was actually happy because of it.

The dark timesEdit

The next week, when he was finally ready to audition to fightningpidgeon's contest, Kaiskov's HDD broke, so he had to send his PC back so he could replace the hard drive. Because of that, he wasn't able of auditioning or working on his countdown. The results to 2 contest were finally up and he didn't won any, so he started getting a bit depressed. He was now waiting for the last results and if he didn't won that one, he would quit not only countdown making but also his Youtube career. He was ready to post a goodbye announcement, but thanks to Lupina09, Kaiskov had the strength needed to go through this last contest. Thankfully, he won, and it was one of the happiest moments of his Youtube career, the first contest he won. Now with his morale boosted, Kaiskov quickly finished his Top 10 Videogame Creepypasta just in time for Halloween.


The Dedicated Gamer is a person who doesn't like to leave any loose ends, he wants to finish every single game 100%, no matter how many years that will take. Most of the times, he decides to tackle topics he doesn't like with cynicism, and can be quite cocky at some points, calling himself a "gaming beast". But despite all his cynicism and cockyness, he will never bring anyone down and will always support his friends.
Super Ponybeat Ultimate Cross - Discord (Euro Touhou Mix)06:57

Super Ponybeat Ultimate Cross - Discord (Euro Touhou Mix)

"Flame War Vetren's Stand" Kaiskov's Battle Theme

Gaming ProfileEdit

The Dedicated Gamer has both a PS3 and a 360, but he's mainly a PC Gamer since he only uses the consoles to play the exclusives. His first console was the SNES and his first handheld was the Game Boy. Besides finishing games 100%, he also loves to speedrun, and if he can do both at the same time, even better. Currently he hopes to buy a 3DS this Christmas and will wait one year to buy the Wii U.

Signature gagsEdit

  • Falcon Punching anyone who questions his choices
  • Sometimes a Sonic Genesis box cover will show up and he will be forced to burn it
  • A subtle brony joke in every single countdown

Favourite LinesEdit

  • Aw Yeah! This is happening! (Sonic / Sonic Adventure)
  • Some people fuck at funerals, I cut off heads (Travis Touchdown / No More Heroes 2)
  • GET A LOAD OF THIS! (Dr. Robotnik / Sonic Adventure)
  • Kravchenko, Steiner, Dragovich... All must DIE! (Reznov / Call of Duty: Black Ops)
  • Needs to be about 20% cooler (Rainbow Dash / My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Say Apple (Wheatley / Portal 2)
  • Long time, no see! (Sega in General)


  • Is a fan of the web series Zero Punctuation, Game Theory and Game Exchange
  • It took him 10 years to beat Sonic Adventure 2 because, when he was younger, he couldn't get past the stages "Death Chamber" and "Pumpkin Hill"
  • Is in a "Waifu Relationship" with Kuro Serpentina
  • Finds Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to be one of the most overrated titles in videogame history
  • Hates Sonic Genesis even more than Sonic '06
  • His favourite pony is Rainbow Dash, he finds Rarity a very underrated pony and thinks that Fluttershy is extremely overrated
  • Kaiskov's "Kyah" is one of the Chaos Theatre's 6 wonders.
  • Is EXTREMELY Hydrophobic, but if there's anything he fears more than water, it's people making fun of that. Ironically, he is friends with The Water Waka
  • Finds the COD Fanboy/Hater war completely pointless
  • Loves fast paced games such as racing games, platformers, shooters and fightning games. Can't stand realistic games that are realistic just for the sake of that
  • Despite neither of them are actually Troll, Kaiskov & Kuro Serpentina are a formidable "Anti-Trolling Duo", with one of their most notable performance being in the MLP season 3 finale comments, where they defeated a Troll who couldn't except that Twilight is now an Alicorn (Spoilers), danced with Heavy Weapons Guy and then RP battled in the Youtube comments. They later teamed up with Klonoa to make an invinsible trio.
  • Hates Final Fantasy 13, with a passion. Don't fuck with him on this regard, he will mess you up!
  • Enjoys a good flame-war

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