The Flamicon
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'The Flamicon and his Zawa minions'

Real Name

Ken Fraser


FullAutoExpert, Zawa Flames, The Flamicon







Member Since

November 6th, 2012


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The Flamicon has been an active user of the chaos theatre forums since november 2012. he decided to join after discovering the announcement video from the autarch.

He's mostly known for his Top Fifteen Annoying Bosses countdown


The Flamicon has had a very difficult history mainly surrounding around the numerous times he's moved to a different town and start over; as well as a lenghty battle with bullying. He still suffers from a recurring case of depression and is haunted by his own childhood. However over time he has been able to repress both his memeroies and his depression away from his friends.

He found comfort in reading manga and watching anime, and became a big fan of the artstyle; as well as playing video games, as they took him away from his life in reality and let him be someone else even if only for a short while.

In early 2011 He adopted the name "fullautoexpert" based on his addiciton of a game which he still holds a high skill level at: Full Auto 2: Battlelines. He originally only release videos about things such as where to watch wrestling for free on the internet, or how to jailbreak an IPod/PSP. They were small time, minor videos created for mostly shits and kicks.

In mid 2012 the "fullautoexpert" decided to start countdown making. and relased a "Top ten favorite games list." he was proud of it at the time and found even further comfort in making the video. Of course now he cringes at the mere thought of ever seeing it again, and it has since been completely eradicated from existance after two channel shutdowns and removing the file from all file resources he had.

After two countdowns "fullautoexpert" re-branded himself, simply taking on the name of "flamicon" the name came from combining the word "flame" and "icon" and shut down the fullautoexpert channel. throughout the time flamicon didn't quite know that YouTube had a copyright system and just thought it was a simple share and watch site, and nothing else. (naive and stupid he was) so he would upload episodes of the anime "Claymore" in between countdown uploads. This of couse resulted in copyright strikes and he was forced to shut down the channel and moved on to become the channel he runs to this day since October 2012 "The Flamicon"


The Flamicon runs a relatively successful youtube channel. He makes Countdowns as his main focus and drawing point of the channel. These take up enormous amounts of time, mostly due to his personal life getting in the way of his ability and time to work on them. He advertly does his best to avoid so much as even making a parody of another user's joke as he had in the past made the mistake of ripping other's jokes and wishes to be able to make his own jokes and stay original.

Aside from Countdowns The Flamicon also does reviews. He has done reviews of 2 games: El Shaddai and The Last of Us. The former he holds in a regard near identical to that of Okami. The latter he holds as one of the greatest games of all time. the other source of reviews he has done is that of the anime "Blood -C" He stopped after the 6th episode after his editor lost all work on the project after it was nearly completed twice.

On rare occasion The Flamicon uploads videos of him playing games; These have included: Sideways New York, I-ninja, and Five Nights at Freddy's 2; and rarer still a form of V-log which he named "Flamirants" usually discussing problems with his health, his editing program, or controversies within the games industry.


The Flamicon has had numerous run-ins with Copyright. There was his obvious and undeniable strikes from his previous channel from uploading entire episodes of an anime, however since his agknowledgment of Copyright laws he still has issues.

Such issues with his Countdowns are Limited, as his only gameplay videos are those of indie titles (excluding I-ninja whose developer "argonaut games" dissolved in 2005) of which (out of games he has uploaded playing) have never sent out a takedown notice. However his biggest source of issues are his Blood -C reviews, which have recieved dozens of third party notices, and over 5 strikes. 3 of said strikes came from FUNIMATION and Production IG and the other two from Warner Music Group and King Records. He has dealt with them each in an effective and mature manner; except when he recieved a strike when editing top fifteen annoying bosses, which was a breaking point for him.


The Flamicon does requests for signatures for members of the forum. he usually finishes them immediately though some require a day or two wait as his life gets in the way occasionally. he looks for as specific details as can be given. otherwise the finished product may not turn out the way users want.

As of october 2013 he has since ceased making signatures for two reasons. the first being his depression was heavily affecting him throughout the entire month. he even stopped working on his countdown at the time for nearly three weeks. the second being the v3 forums going down. 

He currently has no plans to resume doing them again.


The Flamicon so far has had three names since becoming an active online member, this however is nothing compared to his over 13 nicknames and counting in his everyday life. He has been named FullAutoExpert, The Flamicon, and Zawa Flames in a respective order. The name "zawa flames" came from his viewing of "Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni" Zawa coming from the name Hinamizawa.


  • His first game is debatable. To his best of memory it was Super Mario 64 at age 4, however his immediate family recall it being MegaMan 2 at age 3.
  • He has a guilty pleasure of killing his character occasionally to simply replay the level for no reason. He has done this even for final bosses.

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