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The Heartless Soldier (Ethan M) is Countdowner and LPer on Youtube


The Heartless Soldier's Youtube account is ProDiGyJ0k3r. The channel was originally intended for Let's Plays but soon became home for AVGM's, Let's Plays and soon, Countdowns.


The Heartless Soldier hasn't done any countdowns yet but has 3 planned

Planned Countdowns:

-Top 10 Final Boss Themes

-Top 10 Personal Favorite Games

-Top 10 Intros in Gaming

Let's PlaysEdit

The only Let's Play The Heartless Soldier has done is Sonic Generations which currently going on.

Awesome Video Game MusicEdit

Following in the Autarch of Flame's footsteps, The Heartless Soldier decided to do AVGM's when he didn't have time to Record or Work on Countdowns. The AVGM's he has done are:

-The 13th Struggle

-Awakeing the Chaos

-Miror B Battle XD

-Magmoor Caverns

-Diddy Kong Racing Boss Battle

-Humming the Bassline

-Cameo Leon Theme

-Vs Zeromus

-Perfect Dark 64 Credits

-Everybody VS King K Rool

-Blue Falcon

-Soul Ablaze

-Mach 13 Elephant Explosion

-To Zanarkand

-Demise of the Ritual

-What I'm Made Of

-Ghetsis Battle

-Get Bertrand

-Valkyria Chronicles Credits

-Aquarium Park ACT 1


While the Heartless Soldier is an avid gamer, He likes other things as well. Some of his interests are:


-Anime (You'll see it a lot in the forum)

-Role Playing (Sort Of)

-My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

What Other Forum Member Think of HimEdit

He's a cool guy~ For a ghost, he's pretty badass! Wish he didn't vanish so much though - Kuro Serpentina

We be bros who jam in the garage to the songs played by JET SET RADIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! - Keybladeoverlord

Relationships With Forum MembersEdit


The Heartless Soldier is Eternal


Friends, They Chat on Skype

Kujie CooEdit

Same as ShadowKenji

Mr. RedEdit

Same as Above


Same as Above

Omega Speed BusterEdit

Good Friends, Discuss Videos and such on Skype, Youtube, etc


-Mainly a Nintendo Player but loves Sony as well
Awesome Video Game Music 77 Adam the Clown03:50

Awesome Video Game Music 77 Adam the Clown

"A Merful Haunting" Heartless Soldier's Battle Theme

-Is a HUGE Kingdom Hearts Fan (If you couldn't tell by the name)

-Loves Overlooked Games

-Is Shy (:3)

-Is Canadian

-Mains Toon Link in Brawl

-Plays League of Legends

Online Stuff :3Edit

Xbox 360 - ProDiGy J0k3r

PSN - JerkyMcCutcheon (Don't ask)

Skype - JerkyMcCutcheon (Again, Don't Ask)

3DS Friend Code - 1934 - 0661 - 1173

Steam Name - The Heartless Soldier

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