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The Insane Pigmask (known by YouTube name as jhardyrules) is a Chaos Theatre user who makes mostly music countdowns.


The Insane Pigmask is a Colonel in the Pigmask army. He is consider by many as "FAAAAABULOOUUUUUSSS!" He was born in the year 19XX given the birthname Reid Conrad. He eventually changed it to Lars Lars Pantsonfars.

Pigmask is a junior in high school.

Countdown MakingEdit

The Insane Pigmask starts making countdowns and AVGMs in July 2009. He joined the countdown community after watching the Autarch of Flame's Top Ten Final Boss Themes countdown looking for music to listen to for a swim meet the next morning. Since then, he has become an avid watcher and eventually joined the community. Pigmask makes music countdowns and is hoping to go vocal in his next countdown. He does get annoyed by his procrastination at times and is planning on making Top Eight Mother 3 Chapters in the very near future.

He and hardysforever are very close friends due to their similar tastes in music and games. He admits that if it wasn't for him, he wouldn't have started making countdowns. They planned on making a collab a few months after they started but were never able to find a topic. They tried again in July and finally found a topic. They are currently making- *shot by hardysforever*


  • His favorite video game is Mother 3. He does admit that his fanboyism of this game gets the better of him and hates when it happens.
  • His first game was Pokemon Gold.
  • His favorite movie is The Godfather.
  • He owns a Wii, PS3, Nintendo 64, a pink GameBoy Advance (Because of its fabulosity), two Gamecubes, and a 3DS.
  • He is an incredibly picky eater. He has issues with texture and appearance. He doesn't eat pizza, ice cream, or even fruits or vegetables yet he is still healthy.
  • The reason why he is still healthy is that he is a year-round competitive swimmer. He learned to swim at the age of four and joined his year-round club at the age of nine. He swims in high school and even made District Finals for the 200m IM and 400m freestyle last year.
  • He has Aspberger's Syndrome which is why he is so picky.
  • His biggest pet peeves include ignorance, arrogance, people who smack their lips while eating, and rudeness.
  • He has a bad case of procrationation. Remember that Top Eight Mother 3 Chapters countdown he mentioned? He isn't even close to done with recording and he announced this a month ago!
  • His grades are very hit and miss. He either slacks off and barely passes or he takes it seriously and gets honor roll.
  • His post-graduation plan is to go to NC State.

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