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The Meme Sniper, also known simply as "The Chaos Theatre Sniper" is a mysterious being that snipes when a meme is abused, or simply when one's comment can be easily debatable. *SHOT*

Private Clownboss' warning of july 18th, 2011Edit

ATTN: Concerning the recent shootings of our fellow usersEdit

Note: the original documented warning along with the response of the public can be found here.

"I have recently been informed by my associates that our forum's populace is suffering from a massive rise in shootings this year, a record-breakingly high number never before seen in this forum's great history. I have become very concerned with the stability of our community. The statistics say that over 4 people get shot each day, seemingly at random, though unofficial sources claim that a common trait shared by all victims is "a sharing of an opinion commonly connected to a feeling of either shame or sarcasm and spite." As of now, no information can be considered formal, but there's no reason not to take this information into consideration and be careful.

All the victims seem to be assaulted with seemingly random means. Autopsy reports say that the bullets struck vary from person to person, from regular 33mm pistol bullets to shotgun pellets, and many include submachine gun ammo. Forensics can not find any link between the used firearms, and have concluded that the individuals responsible for the shootings are either an organised crime organisation, The United States Republican Party, or Batman. The locations of the shot also vary, though individual bullets have been concluded to be more likely to pierce through the head, while shotgun shells tend to fire upon the torso and the lower parts of the body.
To all the forum users who fear, we urge you not to panic, and we advise you to follow our steps to enhance your safety and to prepare for any potential shooting incidents:

  • Always lock the front door of your home every time people come in or come out. Only invite over family members or friends you trust the most. Never allow strangers to come in.
  • Close your windows and pull your curtains. If it gets hot, instead of opening the window resort to using the air conditioner or a fan.
  • According to the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, you have the right to keep and bear arms, but only used in self-defense. It is advised that every family member in the home has at least the knowledge of operating a basic handgun. Other weapons can include the shotgun, sniper rifles and AK-47s. Rocket launchers, landmines, biological and nuclear weaponry is also encouraged.
  • Say no to drugs.
  • If you ever become suspicious of a person lingering in the surroundings of your home, do not hesitate to call 911. Last year we had more people calling over suspicious men in blue invading privacy( and possibly delivering bombs) by searching into their mailboxes, so we hope that this awareness can rise even futher this year.
  • Refrain from playing violent video games. Parents should watch over their children and check the content they play regularly.
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  • Do not wander outside of your home any late than 10:00 PM.
  • Always carry a Bible.
  • Hydrate properly. Do not expose to the sun in the periods between 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

With these steps, all the shooting incidents will be kept in check and will assure that no further incidents break out. Our best men are working on the case and we will be sure to further inform you if any other important news come by. Everybody take care of themselves, their loved ones, and may God bless America and the American people."

Clownboss's promotion to Head Homicide Detective of the Chaos TheatreEdit

Following his announcement and the tireless will of the public to devise a search team, Clownboss has been honoured with the title of being the Head Homocide Detective of The Chaos Theatre by the great Camelslayer, and led to take care of the case. So far, detective Clownboss has not found the perpetrator, but hopes he will one day get behind his heels.

Weirdly, since the Collapse of V1, Meme Sniper sightings have taken a dramatic fall. Add the fact Clownboss seems to have forgotten that he's the Head Homicide Detective and the identity of the Meme Sniper may never be discovered... But my money's on it being Autarch. Stupid Ceiling Cat ¬_¬

The TruthEdit

I was the one who introducted the sniper to the forum. I was using it way before it became a meme. Good god, another good thing run into the ground, but I'm still gonna use it because it's mine.

~Psychotic Nekomata.