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The Mounty Chief is a countdown maker who joined the Chaos Theatre forums recently.Being a Canadian countdown artist, Mounty Chief brings in his own style to the community. Inspired by the Autarch of Flame,Fiery Joker and Fawful's Minion.



  • Top 7 things I hate about the Frieza saga from DBZ
  • Top 10 Favorite pokemon
  • Top 7 Donkey Kong 64 bosses
  • Top 10 Favourite Gym Leaders(Collab with Shiny-Co-Ordinator)
  • Top 10 Shittiest Pokemon Gimmicks/Pokemon Features
  • Top 14 Favourite Moments from Zelda:Wind Waker
  • Top 10 Kirby Return to Dreamland Bosses(Collab with Water Master Fawn)
  • Top 9 Greatest Final Battles
  • Top 49 Legendary Pokemon
  • Top 5 Games I hate that everyone else likes
  • Top 7 Characters from the 3D era of gaming
  • Top 7 Stupidest Controversies in Gaming
  • Top 10 Under-Rated Pokemon
  • Top 8 Paper Mario Partners
  • Top 7 Worst Bosses from Convoy No Nazo
  • Top 12 Worst Mistakes from My TPI
  • Top 10 Favorite TPI Characters(Fanvote)
  • Top 5 Pokemon Generations
  • Top 11 Pokepark Wii Attractions(Collab with M.Shiny Co-Ordinator)
  • Top 10 Creepiest Pokemon(Christmas Special)
  • Top 12 Cartoon Intros
  • Top 15 Devil Fruit Users
  • Top 17 Worst Episodes of Spongebob Seasons 1-3
  • Top 10 Favorite Video Games
  • Top 10 Worst Video Game Assistants
  • My Top 15 Pokemon Movies
  • Top 5 Games I like that Everyone Hates
  • Top 5 Games I Hate That Everyone Likes REMAKE
  • Top 9 Hated Characters(Marathon part 1)
  • Top 5 Cartoons(Marathon part 2)
  • Top 5 Funniest 4th Wall Moments(Marathon part 3)
  • Top 5 Villains(Marathon part 4)
  • Top 10 Cutest Pokemon(Collab with Shiny.Coordinator)(Marathon part 5)
  • Top 5 Pokemon Generations REMAKE
  • Top 7 Stupidest Animated Controversies
  • Top 5 Favorite Birds in Gaming
  • Top 6 Creepypasta
  • Top 6 Hated Mavericks
  • Top 6 Favourite Mavericks
  • Top 12 Mistakes in my Total Pokemon Island(Round 2)
  • Top 9 Kalos Pokemon(Collab with Shiny.Coordinator/Dark Author)
  • Top 10 Games I played in 2013(Parody)
  • Top 9 Worst Final Bosses
  • Top 7 Homunculus Sins(Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood)
  • Top 5 Reasons I Hate The Bittercold
  • Top 15 Fire Levels(Collab with Mr12603)
  • Top 80 Favorite Pokemon


  • Top 10 Kirby 64 songs
  • Top 5 Gleemences(Glee Performences)


Tutèùr is a female who lives with the Mounty Chief. She has been in almost every Countdown after Top 5 Reasons I Hate The Bittercold.


Tutèùr appears either on the Mounty's bed or on his headboard. She comments on what the Mounty does and is also very sarcastic.

Every once in a while, she will help out the Mounty such as when she took on Red(Godzilla NES) or transplanting a new pair of eyes.

Since evolving, Mounty tries to use Anime footage for when she talks.

Running gagsEdit

  • Making fun of Pokemon Black and White 2
  • Having Meloetta appear when I go insane
  • Having a rave show when I talk about Dan Green
  • Dat Beam Struggle!


  • I am a brony
  • I am 20 years old
  • I like physical comedy
  • My favourite pony from Friendship is Magic is Big Macintosh(Male) and Fluttershy(Female)
  • My favorite pokemon is Lucario
  • My favourite Legendary is Mewtwo/Articuno xD
  • I like Silver the Hedgehog
  • My favourite countdown is top 49 Legendary Pokemon, for the speech at the end, and other things xD
  • Despite being Canadian, some of his fans think he's Australian, for some reason...

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