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The N7 Commander or as he is known on the Forum N7coMmAnDeR or on Youtbue as GaiusFrakkingBaltar was besides the 4 orginal admins the fourth registered member of the Chaos Theatre Forum, even though his post count isn't exactly the highest. He joined the Forum for he thought he could meet some swell people, and luckily for him, he did. He is also a countdown maker on Youtube.

His history on YoutubeEdit

He began his career of making Youtube videos on late April Vacation of 2011, he always thought about doing it and he decided to just take it up. 4 days after his first 3 AVGM's were released Part 1 of his First Countdown, The Top 30 Boss Themes was releaed. It wasn't exactly the best countdown in the world and is very outdated to his taste of music but it was a decent first start. He then planned to have his next countdown, The Top 10 Most Tragic Villains in Videogames out in the summer, but for various reasons he canceled the project. After releasing his 37th AVGM, every single Metroid final boss theme to celeberate Metroid's 25th anniversary, he announced his next countdown was going to be the Top 25 Metroid Prime Themes, the first 3 parts came out relatively soon after that, but for various reasons it took him 3 months for the last 3 parts to be released. He is currently working on the Top 15 Boss Themes He Heard for the First Time in 2011 while doing Chaos Theatre Dedication AVGM's. One of his side projects is Live and Unscripted Reviews, where he takes a game he just beat for the first time and gives his overall opinion on it.

On the ForumEdit

On the Forum N7 is known for being a gigantic fanboy and making fun of himself about it all the time, he started off on the forum with all of his posts having no caps at all, it made him look like a total dumbass and he wonders to this day what the fuck made him think it was cool. Nowadays he is a bit more active then usual for various reasons and is a bit more positive then he used to.. His current avatar is of Fluttershy as he thinks Fluttershy is incredibly awesome. Everyone knows his love for Bioware games, particually the Mass Effect series and his love of Coheed and Cambria is starting to become more well known as well. He only posts when he feels neccessary to post or else he would probably have been kicked off the site for various reasons, which is the main reason while he was one of the original members, he actually had a whole thread about him when we actually had a section for introductions, his post count isn't nearly as big as some other members who have been on a lot less then him. Overall he's a likeable guy who will take a bullet for you and if gunned down for something he did wrong, takes the bullet like a man.


His favorite show of all time is the West Wing, where the President came from his home state of New Hampshire.

Has a love of Classic, Psychedelic and Progressive Rock, his 3 favorite bands are Coheed and Cambria, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.

His favorite game of all time is Metal Gear Solid III: Snake Eater, even though many people think his favorite is Mass Effect 2, which is a close second.

Has a scaringly similar taste of stuff with Amaterasutheredeemer.

Has an Uncle in the band Ozric Tentacles.

His favorite Movie of all time is A Beautiful Mind.

Has a giant collection of band T-Shirts,

Recently recieved over 50 subscribers.

Is a Brony, his favorite pony is Fluttershy, with Applejack at a close second.

He is secretly loyal to Camelslayer.

Has been recently titled the God of Audio.

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