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The Quarter Guy is a countdown maker who joined The Chaos Theatre in March 2012. Born and raised in Wisconsin, he wa sa former resident in Arizona. He moved back to Wisconsin, in Milwaukee, in March 2016. Born in 1984, he is one of the oldest members of The Chaos Theatre. He is also a staunch defender of Fair Use, which allows the countdown community to exist. He is the creator of The Chaos Theatre's Facebook page.

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History Edit

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Among the first countdowns he discovered was The Autarch of Flame's Top Ten Worst Video Game Cliches and Mediamaster's Top Ten Video Game Mindf**ks. As he saw more and more countdowns by these users and others such as The Fiery Joker, Itionoben, and Fawful's Minion, his interest continued to grow. Finally, in October of 2011, he created his first countdown, Top Ten Kirby Abilities. Despite having some problems with it, the countdown was rather well received.
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A Warrior in HidingEdit

Unfortunately, things don't always go smoothly. When word reached him about the threat of SOPA and PIPA, Adam was afraid of what this legislation would do. Thus, he removed his countdown hoping this legislation would die. However, not being content with just hoping, he joined the fight against this crooked legislation by contacting legislators through e-mails and petition. Upon seeing a piece by UtterSpartan about his feelings on the matter, he posted an unscripted video called "My 25 Cents Worth Ep. 1 - The Fight For The Internet", expressing his own concern for the principles of Fair Use.

Joining The ChaosEdit


"No copyright law in the universe is gonna stop me!"

Upon receiving the news that the dangerous legislation had been shelved, Adam was thrilled. To celebrate, not only did he re-master Top Ten Kirby Abilities, but released a new countdown, Top Ten Comebacks in Video Games, to mark his return. It was with this countdown in March 2012 that he finally joined The Chaos Theatre, and this countdown also marked the beginning of his using his pre-intro camera segments, the use of box art in introducing games, and the wearing of his ScrewAttack "Hat of Awesomeness".

In April 2012, he released his third countdown, Top Ten Opening Levels, which was his first video to receive 1000 views. It was also the first time he used Dio Brando as a gag. In late June, he released his first collab, Top Fifteen Gym Leaders, with the aid of his good friend in the community, Itionoben.

Expanding The CommunityEdit

Aside from his countdowns, he has also made intros for Aquashell11, Lupina09, TheReaperOfHeroes, and The Water Waka's unscripted videos, among others. He has also done auditions for various contest countdowns, being approved for Speedster's Top Ten Favorite Franchises and Itionoben's Top 15 Super Nintendo Games.

Getting To Know AdamEdit



In many of his videos, Adam has been rather upbeat and fun-loving. He also has a varied sense of humor, which can range from surprisingly subtle, such as the use of music from a different game than the one being featured yet which still fits the situation; to unapologetically blatant, such as the use of obvious puns. However, when he gets behind a cause, he will represent it with fervor, as shown in his first unscripted video. He is a staunch defender of internet freedom, and will stand against anyone who seeks to censor the net and take away Fair Use. He also has little tolerance for trolls. While he rarely shows his angry side, it is said that his rage is capable of tearing the dimensions apart, a rumor which he insists is mere exaggeration.

Gaming ExperienceEdit

While Adam is primarily a Nintendo gamer, the first console he ever played was actually an Atari 2600 that his family owned when he was young. Back then, he was too young to realize how terrible the 2600 port of Pac-Man was. His first handheld system was actually a Sega Game Gear which he received as a gift. However, he eventually sold it due to a lack of games that appealed to him. He has owned every generation of Nintendo system at one point except for the Virtual Boy. He currently owns a Wii, XBox 360, PS3, PS2, DSi, 3DS, WiiU, and a Nintendo Switch. Adam is also well-known for being a complete & utter Mega Man Fan with it showing up in every countdown as a segment where it can & there's usually at least ONE Mega Man related joke in every single countdown of his.

Signature Characteristics

  • Adam has been known to underscore how bad some of his puns are by saying "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand CUE FACEPALM!"
  • In every countdown except his first, he wears a ScrewAttack hat backwards.
  • He does an on-camera segment before his intro which may or may not have anything to do with the countdown itself.
  • When showing an entry from a specific game, he will use the box art from that game when displaying the name of the entry. If an entire series is represented in that entry, he'll use the box art from the first game in which the entry appeared.
  • He will sometimes call Dio to smash a character who is getting too annoying or does something to piss him off. To date, he has smashed M. Bison, Jasper Batt Jr., Yuuki Terumi, Shao Kahn, Shantotto, Ghetsis, Gabriel Belmont, Flame Hyenard, and Handsome Jack but failed to smash Sonic because he ran away too quickly.
    • He also smashed everyone who made the list in his Top 15 Most Hated Video Game Characters list in a hilarious montage at the very end.

​The Exra Life campaignEdit

On Nov 5, 2015, he started a 1-day Charity Livestream event and donated over $1,500 in 24 hours to a charity fund dedicated to sick and injured kids. It was given to the Phoenix Children's Hospital and it was very successful. A handful of his friends participated, and as a little bonus, Adam played a plethora of games for entertainment.

This year during the entire fall, at 2pm CT every Saturday, he's made another campaign. Only this time, he donated to the Children's Hospital in his homestate of Wisconsin. The 24-hour finale took place on Nov 5,  at 8AM CT. Since then Adam has made and gave $1,085 to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, with over 25 straight hours of gameplay, from 19 games, in 8 weeks. He hopes he'll launch another campaign next year.

Information is listed at

Mega Maker Extra Life Challenge Edit

Yami-chan Needs Help!Edit

On July 11, 2017, Adam made an announcment saying that a good frined of his, Yami-chan, is in debt. She's a part of his side series, League of LOL, and she has a lot of financial woes to deal with. Her college screwed her over, and she isn't able to pay her loans for the semester. As a result, she won't have any support to pay her rent. Her brother has posted a Gofundmne page to help her in her desperate time of need. As The Quarter Guy said, "Debt...debt never changes." Here's the link:




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A Quarter Guy Production - Intro

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A Quarter Guy Production - Intro V2

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  • Real Name: Adam Lutz
  • Occupation: Video Game Programmer
  • First Video Game System: Atari 2600
  • First Handheld: Game Gear
  • Favorite Franchises: Mega Man, Mario, Castlevania, Metroid, Pokemon, Kirby
  • Former Mascot Character: Ragna The Bloodedge (BlazBlue series)
  • Overlooked Games I Like: Arcana Heart series, UN Squadron (SNES), Mega Man X Command Mission, Shantae series, The World Ends With You
  • Popular Games I Don't Like: Most First Person Shooters
  • Favorite Genres: Fighting games, Platformers, Puzzle Games, Action RPGs, 2D Shooters
    Welcome To The Quarter Guy's Channel!

    Welcome To The Quarter Guy's Channel!

    Welcome to The Quarter Guy's Channel!

  • Monado

    Xenoblade Chronicles is AWESOME!

    Themes: Passionate Duelist (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters), You Will Know Our Names (Xenoblade Chronicles), King of Quarters (Original theme by Jake "virt" Kaufman)
  • Adam and Jake Kaufman are long-time friends as mentioned in his Top 10 Video Game Composers, working alongside each other in the gaming industry,
  • Personal favorite Final Fantasy game: Final Fantasy IV
  • Most hated character: Dr. Weil (Megaman Zero series), by FAR
  • He and The Water Waka have a somewhat-friendly rivalry, due to him being originally from Green Bay and a Packers fan, while Waka is from Chicago and a Bears fan.
  • He spent over 150 hours playing Xenoblade Chronicles between April and July.

    Ragna The Bloodedge, QG's Mascot.

  • He is friends with Itionoben, VirtualBoy, Psychotic Mantis, and Fawful's Minion on Skype, among others.
  • His official alignment is Neutral Good; he normally is upstanding, but is willing to cross lines as necessary.
  • He has type 2 diabeties since 2011
  • The Quarter Guy is infamous for abandoning his friends to get chipotle during the Replanting the Tree's Apprenice Smash 4 stream.
  • He's currently living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since March 2016.
  • Adam used to work for WayForward. He was part of the development team behind Shantae: Risky's Revenge and Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, and was a backer for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. This was probably the time when he met and worked with Jake Kaufman, the man that made his current intro.
  • The Marlboros have appeared in 2 of his countdowns: in Top 10 Things I HATE in Video Games where he explains about Status Ailments w/ their signature move, Bad Breath, and his Top 10 Most Annoying Enemies as the main topic. Not to mention, Marlboros are proven to be a perfect point for smokers, as said by QG.

What Others Think Of The Quarter GuyEdit

"This guy is an awesomeness sundae with badass sprinkles on top" - Keybladeoverlord

"Awesome, except his football team of choice" ~The Water Waka

"Very inspirational and a nice guy on top of that! And I guess we share the same utter dislike towards that green haired bastard Hazama." ~ ChrisX