The Silver Keyblade (a.k.a. alotofstickfigures)
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The very beginningEdit

Mike was just an average boy, in an average house, with a barely workable computer. Like, seriously, this was THE worst computer ever, a Mac is better than this crap. His first list, Top Ten Games to Hate was downright THE worst list he made, also his very first list. His second list, Top Ten Hardest Boss Battles was barely better. The pattern was? They were both text lists and the music was murder. He left the countdown community for around 2 years then, waiting and watching to become a better, more improved countdown aritst.

Salvation from a Dedicated GamerEdit

Around some time ago in the past and not the future, Mike had gotten Sony Vegas Pro 10. The minute he looked at it, he was scared. Scared to a ridiculous extent. But then, he did something that most people do only on Tuesdays. He decided to man up. However, he was unsure of how to use this thing completely. So, he decided to bide his time and wait. Around this time he met Kaiskov09, his handle, The Dedicated Gamer. Mike had already gone through several handles, the first being his regular username, the second being MysteriousFigure777 (got rid of it because people kept mistaking him for some dead user). By now, he had been the Silver Keyblade. He called Gamer on Skype after a lengthy conversation to do the most epic thing ever: sing. They sang, for some reason, probably to get the Livestream guys to stop putting on G1 ponies. Meh. Later, with Mike having Sony Vegas, and after watching the Gamer's psuedo-professional countdowns, he figured to ask him, "Why not do a collab?" And so, the Top Ten Sonic Boss Battles was born. It was his first vocal countdown, and the first countdown he was proud of editing. Ultimately, this was the start of his new hobby, which he downright adored.

The Countdowns from the KeybladeEdit

Mike knew he would have to work solo countdowns. However, his schedule was crazy, having him only work on certain weekends. It's absolute hell for him and he wishes he had a laptop. So, Mike uploaded his first countdown some time after the collab with Gamer, which is now known as Top Ten Villains in Video Games. Another list he made, which he, honestly, is still working out those stupid audio bugs. He also felt the scripting could have been improved. 

There was also another countdown that Mike made known as Top Ten Heroes. However, he felt it was so bad, that not even burying it with the ET cartridges would be able to give it salvation or redemption. 

All projects from TheSilverKeybladeEdit

Top Ten Sonic Boss Battles (collab with Kaiskov09)

Top Ten Villains

Top Ten Heroes (Removed)

Audition for Fawful's Minion's Top 20 N64 Games

Audition for nifinland's Top 10 Enemies in Video Games

Top Ten Things I DESPISE in Video Games


  • Cooks a mean grilled ham & cheese sandvich.
  • Plays TF2, preferably with Fawful's Minion and virtualboy.
  • Is not an Ex-brony, however feels that the fandom has completely abandoned love & toleration and turned into parasprites. No, go ahead, challenge him on this, he dares you.
  • Likes non-objective matches in TF2, which is where everyone kills each other for the hell of it.
  • Plays Minecraft, but not often. Beat the Enderdragon.
  • Enjoys doing auditions more than countdowns.
  • Actually knows what the Dedicated Gamer is going to do ahead of time.
  • Always intentionally mispronounces Camelslayer's name. (ex: see Camelslavor, Slamelaver, Shovelbukkit)

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