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The Speed Buster or OmegaSpeedBuster in Youtube, joined the Chaos Theatre in June 26th, 2011, four days after his birthday. He joined the forum as a way of escaping his horrible reality and as a way of talk about things that he likes. He also could be a demon with speed.

Countdown Making.Edit

He started his history of a Countdown maker in September of 2011, with also began his work as a video maker, with his first countdown: Top Ten Best Megaman X Songs. And to the date, he is still making countdowns, he's specialized on countdowns that are focused to surprise people with the choices. The full list of countdowns, including countdowns in Honours to other Youtubers that he likes are here:

List of countdowns:

  1. Top Ten Megaman X Songs.
  2. Top Fifteen Best Hauntershadow Songs (Part 1) (Part 2) .
  3. Top Fifteen Best Sonic Vocal Songs (Part 1)(Part 2) (Part 3) .
  4. Top Fifteen Best Paper Mario Boss Themes (Part 1) (Part 2) .
  5. Top Fifteen Best Dj The S Songs (Part 1)(Part 2) .
  6. Top Ten Best Kirby Boss Themes.(aka. The distorted countdown).
  7. Top Twenty Most Beautiful Songs in Videogames (Part 1)(Part 2) (Part 3) .
  8. Top Fourteen Best Vocal Songs from Videogames (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part Four).
  9. Double Top Five! Best Kirby's Return to Dreamland and Sonic Generations Songs.
  10. Top Fifteen Best Mario Boss Themes (Collab with ZeroMiles: Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)
  11. Top Twelve Best Final Fantasy Boss Themes.
  12. Top Ten Best Devil May Cry 3 Boss Themes (Collab with UtterSpartan: Part 1) (Part 2) .
  13. Top Ten Best Intros from Youtubers. (He Eliminated it)
  14. Top Ten Bowser Songs.
  15. Top Ten Best Songs from Final Fantasy VIII (Collab with Kujie Coo) (Part 1) (Part 2)
  16. Top Fifty Best Super Smash Bros. Brawl Themes (Part 1)(Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7) (Part 8) (His first Vocal-Text countdown, and the largest project made to this point)

Awesome Video Game Music.Edit

As a part of the AVGM Group, he has uploaded a lot of Videogame Music from the most underrated piece of music, to his most loved songs, Included into his dedications that he has made, which also has made a part of his AVGM's and his knowledge in music and Videogames, here's a full list of it:

  1. Wizpig Battle.
  2. E.G.G.M.A.N. Doc. Robeatnix Mix.
  3. Giant Baby Bowser Battle.
  4. The Battle for Everyone's Souls.
  5. Character Select (Mortal Kombat: Deception)
  6. Lance Battle (Pokemon Stadium 2)
  7. Hellfire.
  8. Seymour Battle.
  9. The Ultimate Koopa.
  10. The Final Battle! Everybody Vs. King K. Rool.
  11. Vs. Zeromus.
  12. Chaos Shrine.
  13. Last Battle (Psyvariar 2)
  14. Don't Be Afraid.
  15. Legendary Battle (Pokemon R/S/E)
  16. Terra.
  17. Rainbow Road (SNES)
  18. Genesis.
  19. Final Conversation.
  20. Final Attack (Metal Slug 3 Ver.)
  21. Commander Yammark.
  22. Vs. Meta-Ridley.
  23. War.
  24. Simon Belmont's Theme.
  25. Porky Means Business.
  26. Black Blood.
  27. Bestial Beat.
  28. Jump! Jump! Jump!
  29. Shadow Devil.
  30. Macho Grubba!
  31. Snowman (Super Smash Bros. Brawl Ver.)
  32. Shoegazer Watched the Stars.
  33. Mach 13 Elephant Explosion.
  34. Vs. Egg Dragoon.
  35. Opening (Dissidia Final Fantasy)
  36. Battle Against the Masked Man.
  37. The Art Of War.
  38. Right Behind You.
  39. Waluigi Pinball (Super Smash Bros. Brawl Ver.)
  40. At Dawn... for Speed Highway (Pt. 3)
  41. Nathan is Our Boss.
  42. Father and Son (Metal Gear Solid 2)
  43. The Forest of Jigramunt.
  44. Vs. Reshiram/Zekrom.
  45. Metal Battle.
  46. Boss! Blue Falcon.
  47. The OtherWorld.
  48. Major Boss.
  49. Castle/Boss Fortress (Super Mario World/Super Mario Bros. 3)
  50. Zero's Theme (Megaman X3)
  51. Bowser's Galaxy Generator.
  52. The Old Chap.
  53. Secret Track 14: Annihilation.
  54. Vs. Magolor Soul.
  55. Melty Molten Galaxy.
  56. Mephiles Collection.
  57. Dynamite Battle.
  58. Frontier Brain Battle.
  59. Omega Pirate.
  60. Dancing Mad.
  61. Blaze Heatnix.
  62. Final Reflux (Phase 1)
  63. Happy WarMore.
  64. Freeze!
  65. Dark Meta Knight.
  66. The Skedar Leader.
  67. Unidentified Track 3.
  68. Twin Demons Lechku & Nechku.
  69. His World (Crush 40 Ver.)
  70. Boomer Kuwanger (Megaman X)
  71. Game.
  72. Sparkle, To Become a Star.
  73. See Jim Run, Run Jim Run.
  74. Pursuit ~ Cornered 2004.
  75. You're Not Alone.
  76. The Stone Tablet.
  77. Theme of Raidou 2008.
  78. March of the Lion King.
  79. Potential for Anything.
  80. Castle Pandemonium.
  81. Fear the Reaper.
  82. Champion Alder.
  83. The Price of Freedom.
  84. Tengu Man Stage (Saturn Version)
  85. Gwyn, Lord of Cinder.
  86. Grape Garden (Kirby's Return to Dreamland)
  87. Fawful's Theme.
  88. Mechanical Rhythm.
  89. Ain't That Funny. Originally The Necromancer/Simple Sight.
  90. The Godfather's Game (Main Theme)
  91. Count Cannoli's Boss Theme.
  92. Smiles and Tears.
  93. Metroid Prime Credits.
  94. Ghetsis.
  95. The Attack of the Koopa Bros.
  96. Robo's Theme.
  97. Godsibb.
  98. Sonic Generations Rival Themes Collection.
  99. Soul Ablaze.
  100. Never More.
  101. Reach for the Stars.
  102. Dominique Cross.
  103. The Road to Hope.
  104. Miracle Matter.
  105. Overworld (Super Mario Bros.)
  106. Feldschlacht III.
  107. Endless Sorrow.
  108. On The Edge... for Eternal Engine.
  109. Path Destroyer.
  110. An End Once and for All.
  111. Red Locus.
  112. Alexandrite (BlazBlue's Philistine)
  113. The Opened Way.
  114. Snake Eater.
  115. Mother Brain Battle.
  116. Dead Fingers Talk.
  117. Brobot Battle Collection.
  118. Bathroom.
  119. Dr. Eggman Theme.
  120. Devils Never Cry.


He stopped making videos because his laptop died, leaving him in a shock, and making him doing a decision just when he started to get popular, leaving him with no more thing just than stopping him for making videos.


  • He's the first member in the forum from Latin America.
  • He doesn't care about the dislikers.
  • He likes a lot of videogame series.
  • He does mixes.
  • He's creating a book called "The True Evil" together with his Soundtrack.
  • Mains Bowser in Brawl.
  • He has collaborated with members of the Chaos Theatre, like:
    • ZeroMiles in Top Fifteen Best Mario Boss Themes.
    • UtterSpartan in Top Ten Best Devil May Cry 3 Boss Themes.
    • Kujie Coo in Top Ten Best Songs from Final Fantasy VIII.
  • He considers that his best friends from Youtube are (In no specific order):
  • He likes Villains more than Heroes.
  • He likes Mario, Sonic, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Pokemon, Metroid, Castlevania, Legend of Zelda, Persona, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Kirby, No More Heroes, Megaman, Megaman X, Megaman ZX, Metroid Prime, Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter and more series.
  • Is MA BOI

Evil Influences in the Forum.Edit

Since he's an evil entity, rumors says that he's going to overthrow Camelslayer while helping Psychotic Nekomata, since He's part of the Psychotic's Insane Secret Service with ReinsWeissRitter, Skeleton King and Casty.

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