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The Spliced-Up Drunk is a Countdown Artist that joined YouTube on May 31st, 2008. Although his first videos since February 26th, 2012. His very first countdown video was uploaded on June 27th, 2012. The Spliced-Up Drunk recently joined The Chaos Theatre on July 8th, 2012. The Spliced-Up Drunk is a Southern Californian that lives in Orange County. Some of his hobbies include Reading, Creative Writing, and Film Making.


Although not making videos for a while since his channel was created, some of the first countdown artists he watched we're The Autarch of Flame, RabbidLuigi, and The Fiery Joker. After viewing The Tree's Apprentice and Fawful's Minion, he decided to join the ranks of the Countdown community by making The Top Ten Betrayals in Gaming, his first countdown. Although having some issues, The Quarter Guy and Retarded Scraggy have commented on it and given advice.

The Spliced-Up Drunk has made 3 intros total, with only 1 being used in his first video. The Quarter Guy recently made a brand new intro for his future countdowns.

Although not making another countdown since, Top Nine Team Fortress 2 Classes (inspired by The Fiery Joker's countdown) and Ten Inspirations are currently in development as of July 8th.

Coming back sometime late 2013. Maybe. Probably. Hopefully. I hate my computer and need a better mic and video editing software that I will hopefully buy with birfday money.


TBA when I get more countdowns added.

Gaming TastesEdit

The Spliced-Up Drunk grew up with Nintendo, and has never owned a SEGA console in his entire life. Owning retro and new consoles. TBA


Solo CountdownsEdit

  1. Top 10 Betrayals in Gaming

Collab CountdownsEdit

  1. Possible Future Collab with The Fighting Pigeon


  1. The Amazing Spider-Man Review (COMING SOON)
  2. The Nolan Batman Trilogy (COMING DOON)

Awesome Video Game MusicEdit



  1. Top 9 Team Fortress 2 Classes
  2. Ten Inspirations

Future WorkEdit

  1. Let's Play Fallout
  2. Top Ten E3 Memes
  3. Top Ten Video Game Soundtracks


  • Real Name: Sean ******
  • Occupation: Student/Amateur Writer and Film Maker
  • First Video Game System(s): Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 (Gifts from my brother)
  • First Handheld: GameBoy Advanced
  • Favorite Franchises: Mario, Wario, Metroid, Zelda, Pikmin, Bioshock, Fallout, Batman, and more
  • Mascot Character: Wario (Mario Franchise, Wario Land Franchise, WarioWare Franchise)
  • Popular Games I don't like: CALLADOOTY! GEERS O' WARR!
  • Themes: Ain't that a Kick in the Head (Dean Martin/Fallout: New Vegas), Magnum Force (Team Fortress 2), and Gusty Garden Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
  • Music: Rock, Metal, some Techno and Rap