The Water Waka
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The Water Waka (Waka for short)







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MatterSplatterMan (Youtube) , Aquatic Minstrel(Flipside Admin)

The Water Waka joined The Chaos Theatre Forum because he heard about it from the Autarch, and joined in mid 2011. He makes Awesome Video Game Music, countdowns, videos of him playing piano and other random videos. He is a user.


He considers his closest friends to be (on the Theatre):

Chrono FestEdit

During May 2012, he decided to make his own interpretation of RabbidLuigi's Legend of Zelda Month, and called it Chrono Fest, which is a fancier name for Chrono Month. It is only including Chrono Trigger, as he has never played Chrono Cross and Radical Dreamers. It will have a music compilation, bios of the seven playable characters, songs on piano, and AVGMs made exclusively for Chrono Fest.

Waka, A.K.A: That frakking shapeshifting son of a goat

Awesome Video Game MusicEdit

He started AVGMs on February 17, 2012. He takes requests, albeit limited to three per person. His AVGMs:

Evil Entity StatusEdit

He swore allegiance to MX42, but has since practiced evil on his own.


  • Riley
  • Zero Three
  • Waka
  • That Guy over there
  • MatterSplatterMan
  • The King of Purple Light Bulbs
  • Water Waka (which he hates being called)
  • Mental Institution Escapee
  • Tavros Nitram
  • Dave Hester
  • Bill Nye
  • Billy Mays
  • Crazy Bus


  • His first played video game was Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on the PS2.
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    Waka with the Tsukumine.

  • The first game he owned was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the GBA. It sucked.
  • His favorite video game is Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords.
  • His main inspiration for AVGMs and countdowns was Master H.
  • His least favorite video game is Summer Sports: Paradise Island.
  • He lives in Chicago. Well, close to it.
  • His real name is Riley.
  • Waka is (not so) secretly the reflection of the moon caught in a puddle given life. This means his entire body is made water. Waka exploits this to change his appearence to anything he wants, making him a true "master of disguise". He can't change his scent however, being that of a "Wet Moonlit Night" (as described by Kuro Serpentina), meaning people with an actute sense of smell can see through him (Psychotic Nekomaka, Kitsune Hawk & Kuro Serpentina being the only ones known to be able to do so, so far)
World Revolution Chrono Trigger Music

World Revolution Chrono Trigger Music

Waka's Boss Theme, "Insanaquarium"

  • His favorite characters are Syrus Darkhunter from Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, Steven Stone from Pokémon Gen III, and Waka from Ōkami.
  • His least favorite characters are Porky Minch from Mother 3, Marik Ishtar from Yu Gi Oh! The Sacred Cards, Cyrus from Pokémon Gen IV, and Princess Serephine of Enmouth from Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords.
  • His birthday? April 5.
  • He is afraid of riding motorcycles. Despite this, he was involved with COUNTDOWNS ON MOTORCYCLES.
  • He loves eating, and wants to be on Man vs. Food. Despite this, he is quite skinny.
  • He is a common target for the CT Sniper, as he shoots when ever he mentions Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, a game he loves that no one's heard of. Somehow, he survives every shot.
  • His favorite food is his mom's ranch chicken.

    Waka's Custom Admin Sprite for the Flipside Forums

  • His least favorite food is lentils.
  • He has one of the highest post total on the V2 and V3 forums, rivaled by Kuro Serpentina, keybladeoverlord, Mr. Red and Mermaid Amy.
  • He is an ex-brony.
  • Is one of the Arena Overlords, along side Gemsteam, LoganightLegend, Kuro Serpentina & KeybladeOverlord.
  • Being a Bears fan, he has a rivalry with The Quarter Guy, who is originally from Green Bay and is a Packer fan.
  • His favorite animated TV show and TV show in general is VeggieTales. Favorite non-animated show being Storage Wars.
  • Has a wooden katana, which he calls the Tsukumine.
  • Looks like Steve Jobs with hair, according to The Speed Buster. Upon telling his parents this, Waka's parents don't think so.
  • Somehow looks and sounds very similar to Kitsune Hawk.
  • Is an Admin on the Flipside Forums.
  • According to Chaos Theatre lore, his adoptive father is Keybladeoverlord, and his adoptive mom is Suki, however, Suki disowned him, and lives with Keyblade. Some people disbute his adopted nature, but some people are silly. I mean, seriously, he's a puddle possessed by the power of the moon, meaning it's utterly impossible for him to have biological parents. And anyone who believes anyone needs to retake their basic Biology, because they're WRONG! Then again, his random nature makes all logic dissipate.

Other People's OpinionEdit

"We represent the Stuff Mart" - Keybladeoverlord

"Is one hell of a cool guy" - Kuro Serpentina