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TyrannoGamer (L5Animations) was member of the Chaos Theater, a moderator from 2014 onward, and a content uploader on YouTube.


Tyranno's YouTube account is L5Animations.


Tyranno has hinted towards having another YouTube account, though he has never given out any details. Tyranno first created his YouTube account in 2008, for the purpose of uploading animations created on the program Pivot Stick Figure Animator, hence the name of the account. He soon stopped making the animations, due to them seriously sucking. In 2010, he got another idea...playthroughs of games. Due to lack of a microphone, for several months he made "silent playthroughs." Quality was very poor. He eventually stopped those videos.

Sometime later, while experimenting with the recording program CamStudio, he uploaded three videos of him playing "So You Think You're Good At Video Games?". Again, quality was very poor. Today, these videos are unlisted. He never did beat Dumb Drum.

A while after the playthroughs, he uploaded an unboxing video of the Nintendo 3DS on launch day. However, camera quality was poor. Around two months later, he really started to enter the video scene with the video Top 20 Music Tracks from Pokémon Black and White. He originally intended for it to be a top ten, however he found so many good songs he didn't want to omit many. However, he later realized that he left out some great songs, such as N's Farwell, and he considers the list outdated. Less than a month later, he created his own intro for upcoming videos.

On August 10th, 2011, he uploaded his attempt at a Let's Play - "Let's Fail at So You Think You're Good At Video Games?". It only spanned two episodes, and needless to say contained lots of failure. His first true Let's Play would be uploaded on September 7th, 2011 - "Let's Play Pokémon Crystal". Though this was only a pilot episode, and he wanted to record far in advance. Due to that, the Let's Play would continue in October. Before the Let's Play continued, he uploaded his second countdown, "Top 10 Final Boss Music Tracks." This one he facepalmed at a few weeks later when he realized he forgot about Primal Dialga's battle music.

From there, the Let's Playing continued. On November 13th, 2011, he uploaded his first vocal countdown, "Top 5 Video Game Intros." This one he actually doesn't consider outdated. Later that month, he started his second Let's Play to go along with Crystal: Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. He continued doing as he has been doing. His next countdown, "Top 10 Emotional Songs in Video Games," was uploaded to celebrate the holidays.


"Let's Fail" indeed.

Speaking of the holidays, that was when he obtained his HD PVR and Sony Vegas. To test his HD PVR, he booted up his Wii to fail at some Virtual Console NES games. "Let's Fail at NES Games" was short but sweet. Needless to say, it contained a nice amount of failure.

Ever since, he's been doing the same thing.

Let's PlaysEdit

Here you can find a full list of Tyranno's Let's Plays and variations.


A TyrannoGamer Production

A TyrannoGamer Production

Tyranno is still relatively new on the countdown scene, though he's slowly improving. Here you can find a list of all of his countdowns.

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He has once created one of the THE most popular theards on there so far: Ghost. The thread had the most posts (and therefore pages) out of any thread on the forum. There were so many posts, in fact, that the thread lagged posts. So a sequel was made entitled "Zombie." Let's hope it doesn't suffer from Sequelitis.