aka Adam

  • I live in Arizona
  • I was born on July 23
  • My occupation is Video Game Programmer
  • I am Male
  • QuartrGuy

    This December is Mega Man's 25th anniversary, and for that, I'm planning a huge countdown...Top 50 Robot Masters. And I want to get the Chaos Theatre and the countdown community at large involved by having special guest entries. I'll announce it formally when the time comes closer, so look for it!

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  • QuartrGuy's a sad day...I just learned that Mediamaster's main channel has been shut down to to copyright claims. A moment of silence...

    Then be sure to check out his backup channel.

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  • QuartrGuy

    Seems like a copout, but it's actually a fun game.

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  • QuartrGuy

    10. Sandvich - Was it needed? No.

    9. Demoman - Sounds like a drunken rant.

    8. Heavy - CRY SUM MOAR!

    7. Soldier - Yeah, he's nuts...talking to a bunch of decapitated heads.

    6. Engineer - Gotta love that guitar

    5. Sniper - Be efficient...have a plan, screw it.

    4. Scout - This guy is FUNNY.

    3. Pyro - We STILL know so little about this guy...except that he's a psycho.

    2. Spy - Gentlementlemen.

    1. Medic - Why? I HAVE NO IDEA!

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  • QuartrGuy

    I'm not opposed to the concept of achievements. They encourage people to play in ways they normally wouldn't. But in my opinion, they need to have some sort of meaning. This will be short to be sure. The XBL/PSN approach isn't bad, as it gives you a sense of bragging rights. I especially like the approach taken in Xenoblade Chronicles. In this game, you get EXP for earning achievements.

    However, it seems to be getting out of control as of late. It seems that every game on almost any platform NEEDS achievements to be worthwhile. And worse, they're leaking into the rest of the world. Badges for Wiki stuff? Really? We don't need that. We just want to post stuff. Bottom line, we shouldn't have achievements just to have them.

    Note: …

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