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(The One and Only) UtterSpartan, Chancey, Derpy Hooves

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April 4th, 2011


VGCUtterSpartan (YouTube Channel)


The only picture he has of himself on his computer.

The One and Only UtterSpartan was an admin of The Chaos Theatre Forums and the former host of Now Showing at the Chaos Theatre. He was also the archivist, as in he saved the content of important threads through pictures and other means.


UtterSpartan joined the Chaos Theatre Forums on April 4th, 2011. He did so for two reasons. For one: he had just left a failing Xbox Live clan's forum known as and two: the site looked like it would suit his interests. At that time he was one of the youngest members of the fledgling forum and this was seen in his posts. Thankfully, he has matured. Since his early days, UtterSpartan has become a countdown artist, an Awesome Video Game Music poster and, at one point, the host of the "quite professional looking" Now Showing at the Chaos Theatre. He was also well known among the members of the Chaos Theatre as the biggest Devil May Cry fan they have ever seen (granted they probably haven't seen the worst of Devil May Cry fans). He did have competition though, in the form ofthe site's main founder Krazier.


No one knows went wrong

UtterSpartan has participated in several Chaos Theatre events. He is an enemy in Forum Fantasy: Prelich's Journey to Manhood, he worked on The Top 15 Most Wanted Video Game Sequels and has assisted several prominent members in the creation of their videos. Chance was also a common member of the Chaos Theatre Livestreams.


When the Chaos Theatre V3 started up on May 28th, 2012 UtterSpartan's joke mod status from V2 transformed into an official modhood for V3. For the remainder of his modship he posted announcements on behalf of the other mods and admins.

When the staff restructuring hit on April 8th, 2013 UtterSpartan was promoted to admin status and was the one to send out this announcement. After V3 crashed, he was not reappointed in V4 due to inactivity.


UtterSpartan has his own YouTube account called VGCUtterSpartan. It was originally made to promote his clan, VGCLive, but you won't see any of those videos anymore. They're gone. Just pretend "VGC" stands for "Video Game Countdowns".

On said channel he has done several countdowns, reviews and a bunch of short, nonsensical videos.


  • He once got in a creepy pony picture fight with admin Psychotic Nekomata. They ran out of pictures.
  • Has strong distaste towards Final Fantasy XIII.
  • Well known for hating DmC and has made several videos on the subject including some with The Coffee Man.
  • Came up with the term "Botlantis".
  • Favorite game is Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4.
  • Known for typing exceedingly long posts to get his point across when responding to others. This is known as "beating someone with the logic stick".