Presumed appearance

Real Name

Sondre Herland








Member Since

March 19, 2013


VoidingCentaur64 (YouTube)

Voidingcentaur64 is a user on the Chaos Theatre Forums. Voidingcentaur64 is an aspiring video maker on YouTube, even though he has not uploaded any. He joined the Forum on 19 March, 2013, making him a fresh and quite new user at the time of writing.


  • His real name is Sondre. Try to pronounce that.
  • He is a Nintendo fanboy and will defend the company in any way he can.
  • His favourite boss theme ever is The Final Battle from Final Fantasy V. Yes, you will disagree.
  • His favourite TV-Show is House.
  • He plays League of Legends, and despises Dota 2.
  • He loves to sing, and has been in a boys choir for 5 years.
  • His favourite video game characters are Exdeath from Final Fantasy V, Ragnaros from World of Warcraft and Vile from the Mega Man X series.
  • His favourite video game series is a tie between Mega Man, Final Fantasy, Sonic and Legend of Zelda.
  • His favourite movie is Shrek 2.
  • He is a brony. His favourite pony is Fluttershy because she want to be a tree, like Exdeath.

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