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Real Name

Joe Klaffy


Waverunner56, The Wave


Countdown maker





Member Since

April 21, 2013


TheWaverunners (YouTube)

Core Countdowns Intro00:45

Core Countdowns Intro

Core Countdowns Intro

Waverunner56 is newbie to the Chaos Theatre Forums. He hopes to make a name for himself on the forums. He plans to make a countdown series known as Core Countdowns in the near future.


He is immune to most insults on the internet due to his tragic past of being bullied. He will always speak right from his mind, and always tries to be the first to get his opinion out. Even though insults don't bother him, he will always try to defend someone else online if they bring up a decent point or have a well thought out opinion. He has a hatred for bullies, and won't stand to see anyone's feelings hurt. His sense of humor tends to range from non-sequitur, to complete sarcasm, to just plain dark, depending on the mood he is in.

The WaveEdit

The Wave is Waverunner56's alias for Role Play. The Wave is a Time Merc, which means he travels through time to fight for whoever pays the most for a living. He also goes adventures and vacations (mainly the former, to his dismay) in his downtime. His weapons of choice are various shotguns and ninja weapons, though he relies more on his shotguns, due to his terrible aim and impulsive behavior. He also has a Pocket Teleporter (which lets him travel through time and space in a flash), a Bullet Biter (a glove that lets him catch and throw projectiles, and a Cubatory (a metal cube that sends his items and weapons to a storage dimension when not in use). 


  • His favorite pony is Pinkie Pie.
  • His favorite Smash Bros. character is Mr. Game & Watch.

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