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Xain Russell is a quite famous DeviantArt user, who also happens to call the Theatre home.

He is most known for his Dreamweaver web comic & Brony side-comics.

As of April 9th, 2013, he has been promoted to Mod status.


Xain produces a steady amount of content on his DeviantART Profile, however when talking about specific projects he admits that the rate at which he releases updates is woefully inconsistent. In fact, his webcomic, Dreamweaver, updated only 11 times during 2012 when compared to 39 pages in 2011.


Dreamweaver is a webcomic started at the very end of 2010, back when Xain was still known as "Gamefreak3991," and posted pages in the forum's "Your Writing" section under "Stories." As of the end of 2012 the comic has 50 pages. Original supposed to update weekly, the comic's schedule became erratic and unpredictable. Xain blames his own laziness and heavy school workload in 2012 for this.

The comic's story focuses on Malcolm Henka, a member of an organization called the "Guardians." Malcolm is a bit of a loner, spending time only with his friends Benjamen Housoku and Kevin Eanchainn, until a drifter that goes simply by the name of Laura arrives in town.

My Little Pony Fan Art

In addition to "Dreamweaver," Xain also posts fan art of the popular cartoon "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." This includes the "FiM Cast Poster Project" which is a series of profile pictures of characters from the show, both prominent and background characters. The vectors of the characters are then used for full cast posters in the same style as the 2011 Comicon Poster.

Xain also participates in Equestria Daily's Artist Training Grounds, where artists are given challenges for what to draw.

Xain will draw pony OC Vectors for free provided he has the time and the character isn't too over the top.


Xain is a big fan of the popular cartoon "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." He started watching the show after being shown the PonyCraft 2 video on the Rooster Teeth Forums in April of 2011. Originally he wrote it off as just another commercial cartoon, but a month later he began to realize the amount of popularity the show was getting and decided to give it a shot. Over the course of the first week of May, Xain watched the entirety of the first season, afterwards immersing himself in what was at the time a burgeoning fandom.

While he admits to enjoying the show, Xain feels that his biggest reason for liking the show is how much it inspires people to create such vast amounts of content in every genre imaginable. He sees MLP: FiM as a muse that will create the next generation of Artists, Musicians, Writers, Animators, Actors, and charitable individuals ready to lend a helping hand. Because of this, Xain agrees entirely with the statement that John De Lancie, voice actor for the character "Discord," made to at least 4000 bronies at the end of Bronycon 2012: "You are going to change the world."

Characters and Personas

Xain has made several different identities over his time on the internet. Some were made to fit the theme of a website, others were just characters he made to heavily over exagerate one aspect of his personality.

(Note: The following segment is only for documentation purposes and is entirely silly.)

Vivid Dreams

Vivid Dreams 3

As with many Bronies, Xain created his own OC to use as his "Ponysona." However, unlike many other Bronies and their OCs, Xain has avoided placing this character, Vivid Dreams, in any sort of medium alongside established characters from the show. Xain feels that it is way too self-serving for bronies to do this, and insists that OCs should be kept as far away from canon characters as possible. The only time Vivid interacts with other ponies is in his tumblr, Ask Vivid Dreams, where he will talk with other non-cannon OCs.

Vivid is described as the physical representation of Xain's Imagination, he is childish in nature, but only because he firmly believes that it's no fun to "Act his age" if he can't be over excitable once in a while. He can also be rather vain at times, both with his own appearance and the appearance of his surroundings, as shown by his constant need to straighten things and the fact that he believes his glasses, which he doesn't need, make him look "Devilishly Handsome".


While he doesn't make videos (He has expressed interest in doing so), Xain does make written reviews of whatever strikes his fancy. Most of the time his reviews are short and too the point, preferring to give details about the characters, world, and presentation rather then the story itself to keep from giving spoilers, the exception being his MLP FiM reviews, which he gives a plethora of spoilers in, mostly because the episodes are readily available on the web by the time he posts the review.

At one point he was doing a series of reviews over the episodes of MLP: FiM's first season in the style of a top 25 list. He stopped after #15 - Swarm of the Century because his top 10 had changed dramatically since he'd started the list, and felt that by the time he finished the list would no longer be accurate. He does wish to at least finish reviewing the remainder of the episodes as regular reviews devoid of any ranking.


  • Xain's favourite pony is Twilight Sparkle, but he feels that Princess Celestia gets too much hate so he gives her the title of best not-main-cast pony
  • Xain's favourite cartoon is NOT My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It's not even in his top 10. His Favourite cartoon is actually Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Xain got inspired to write comics for the web after reading Slightly Damned, a webcomic that he gained a lot from both in art style and writing style. As such it has become his favourite webcomic, if not comic in general.
  • Xain uses a Wacom Bamboo Tablet and Photoshop Elements to make his art
  • Is unwilling to believe that some people can like the games Sonic R and Sonic '06 such as Keybladeoverlord.
  • Loves swords. He has 11 of them.