Real Name



Xanny, Chase, Tyler, Kagashto, X


High-school Student, Gamestop Employee




White as can be

Member Since

Late October 2012


Xan, the Ever Burning Flame (also referred to as "Charles", "Chase", or "Tyler" off the internet), is a relative newcomer to the Chaos Theatre, having come due to the release of Forum Fantasy, he looked around and found that he liked what he saw, and decided to stay awhile.


Being born in Central Florida, Xan lived a sheltered and rather innocent life, up until the age of 8, during which he started to move cross country-style, following his father's work. During this time, Xan was introduced to "The Internet". Almost instantly, he fell in love with its wonder and insanity.


Xan tends to be a very nice, caring individual, and likes it when people treat him with respect, which he so returns. He can sometimes jump to conclusions, and in doing so gets mad. He does not like getting mad, nor does anyone else, but it does happen. When it happens, it is best to leave him be until it calms down. Another option is to talk it out, which works best if you and him could be considered "friends". He can also be one hell of a therapist if anyone ever needs to talk.

In the ArenaEdit

When it comes to the Arena of the Chaos Theatre, Xan taps into his pyromantic nature, and tries to use it to the best of his abilities. He is also a proficient fighter with most melee weapons, and is also accurate enough with ranged weapons. He can also control obsidian.


Xan is a fan of the following things

  • The Kingdom Hearts Series
  • Dark Souls
  • Most RPGs in general
  • Most video games in general
  • Food
  • Fire
  • Reading

Xan is not a fan of the following things

  • Idiocy and idiotic people
  • Things that the internet as a whole generally doesn't like
  • Demon's Souls

What Xan thinks of OthersEdit

Mermaid AmyEdit

Amy is one of the few people Xan would consider a "friend" on the Theatre. If he has a problem with another member (which rarely happens), she is normally the person he will talk to. Also, she reminds him to update and outstanding RPs that he is running.


This is refering to Josh, not JoshScorcher. Josh is Xan's nemesis, and real life friend. Xan brought Josh to the Theatre some time after Xan came back after a short leave of absense. Since then, Josh has posted occasionally, normally hanging in the ones Xan does as well.


Xan likes to think that he and keybladeoverlord have a sort of friendly rivalry between one another. Not quite nemessi, but not friends nor foes either.


Trilby is Xan's apprentice, learning the art of Fire Magic. Xan finds Trilby to be interesting, and hopes that Trilby will one day become a key member of the Theatre, just as Xan wishes to do.

What Others Think of XanEdit


Origin of "Xan"Edit

The name Xan has been used many times, for names or races and everything in between, however, Xan based it off of the character Xan from a popular flash game known as "DragonFable". In this game, Xan is an incredibly powerful pyromancer, hence "The Ever Burning Flame".


  • Enjoys writing Autobiographical-esque material
  • Contrary to the Autarch of Flame, loves seafood
  • Enjoys writing in general
  • Is an avid Dungeons and Dragons player
  • Has a double jointed shoulder
  • Is ambidextrous
  • Has a younger Sister
  • Enjoys playing video games
  • Intends on taking over the world some day (Note: The members of the Chaos Theatre will be spared from his fiery wrath and will probably end up in some position of authority, some higher than others)
  • Enjoys chewing on Rubber and materials with a similar elasticity
  • Can dismantle a Aluminum Can with his teeth
  • Has an obsession with Mantis Shrimp, our new Crustacean Overlords

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